Erkeskin: We Need to Work More in 2015


Erkeskin: 2015 Year Get More Our study gerekiyor.ulaştır Up, Shipping and Communications of Turkey Ministry of Transportation and Logistics Assembly Coordination Meeting on Transport, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Communications Talat was held at the TOBB Union Center with the participation of Aydin.
UTİKAD Chairman Turgut Erkeskin made a presentation on the priorities of the Turkish Logistics Sector. Erkeskin, "In order to achieve the desired level of Logistics Performance Index in 2015 need to work more," he said.
The main agenda of the meeting where the representatives of the Turkish Logistics Sector meet at the TOBB Union Center de 10. Dönüşüm Transformation from Logistics to Logistics ındaki within the scope of the Five Year Development Plan.
The UTIKAD Delegation consisting of the UTIKAD Chairman of the Board of Directors Turgut Erkeskin and the members of the Board of Directors, Arif Badur, Ekin Tırman, Mehmet Özal, and the General Manager Cavit Uğur were also at the meeting.
Talat Aydın, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, and Halim Mete, Vice President of the TOBB Board of Directors, stated in their opening speeches that the public and private sectors came together to listen to the problems of the logistics sector and produce solutions to these problems. UTİKAD Chairman Turgut Erkeskin made a presentation on the problems and expectations of the Turkish Logistics Sector.
In his presentation, Turgut Erkeskin stated that they can achieve the desired level as a logistics world, a system level that will enable integration with the developed world, ie the superiority of all modes rather than a single mode of transport.
”The Report Shows Our Falling Behind“
Erkeskin devoted a significant portion of the presentation to the Logistics Performance Index Report. Stating that the logistics performances of the countries are evaluated by the World Bank under the headings of N Customs Performance, Infrastructure, Competitive Service Pricing, Traceability, Timely Delivery, Quality of Logistics Services and Logistics Competence ”, Mr. Erkeskin said, 2007 was the 3,15 in the Logistics Index Report. When we increase our score, the fact that we don't change much in the ranking gives us important messages.
This shows that other countries have increased their logistics performance more than we do and that we are falling back. In order to achieve the desired level in the Logistics Performance Index, we need to work harder in 2015. Lojistik
UTIKAD President Erkeskin, so 10. He said that they care about the Development Plan because of the contributions that the transport and logistics sector will provide for a comprehensive logistics planning. UTIKAD in Turkey in the implementation of legislation to improve the service quality and competitiveness of the logistics industry and customs procedures also need to mention indicating that they believe the exchange Erkeskin, spoke as follows:
Lar The quality and world-class structuring of the sector, the physical and human capacity of the customs to increase the development of customs, third countries should be provided with the appropriate customs structure. Due to the additional customs controls applied to the shipments passing through our country through transit transportation, the fact that the share of transit transportation can be reduced and we cannot become a net service exporter as the country is one of the important problems. Trans
UTIKAD President Erkeskin, investing in railway areas in order to overcome congestion in road transport and in particular the primary demand of the healthy and Turkish railway sector also protects a process of liberalization silk to extend European Turkey from Asia along with noting the need to re-enter the circuit of us on the railway line with Europe stressed that it is to ensure effective participation in the railway line.
Mr. Erkeskin noted that it would be useful to correct the definition of cargo in the Airport Ground Handling Regulation (SHY-22) and to include it in the legislation under a separate title from other services.
Erkeskin stated that UTIKAD conducts surveys and reports every 3 months in cooperation with Beykoz Vocational School, and that they closely follow the status and trends of the sector in this way.
After the presentations, the meeting continued with the question and answer section. The problems and demands of the sector will be heard by the ministry officials and all the support will be provided for the necessary solutions.

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