Chinese Gospel to Izmir

Chinese Gospel to Izmir: Consul General of the People's Republic of China, Liu Zengxian; he said, the companies operating in the fields of automotive, high-speed train and advanced technology will work to invest in İzmir and its surroundings.
Liu Zengxian, Consul General of People's Republic of China, visited Ekrem Demirtaş, Chairman of Izmir Chamber of Commerce. Stating that China is one of the top 3 economies in the world, Demirtaş said, “The Chinese economy is a growing economy every year. Turkey's west Asia, east Asia at the China. The two countries joined together in the past and this Silk Silk route 'silk route' to Europe via Turkey, Izmir products also went to China via Europe. We need to reconstruct the silk road of the 21st century. ”
Expressing that İzmir is a complete investment paradise, Mayor Demirtaş said, “There are all kinds of investment opportunities in İzmir. China will be investing in both the automotive and Turkey's benefit. We hosted many Chinese delegations, but we could not turn this into an investment. ”
Izmir, Turkey voicing China's economy plays an important role in the People's Republic of Izmir Consul General Liu Zengxin, "I just arrived in Izmir, Izmir, but I think it was dynamic and interesting city. I think that the friendly relations between China and Turkey have high potential on the basis of cooperation between us, "he said.
Explaining that he will struggle to bring investment to İzmir during his tenure, Consul General Liu Zengxian said, “We will work for investments in companies operating in the fields of automotive, high-speed train and high technology. We will increase these investments by cooperating. Last year, trade volume between China and Turkey exceeded 20 billion dollars. China, Turkey was the second largest importing country, "he said.
Stating that they want to establish a visa office at the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China, Liu Zengxian said, “Visa procedures will be easier. Currently, the number of study rooms is not enough. Our initiatives on building rentals continue, ”he said.
Consul General Liu Zengxian told that bind July council meeting inviting Izmir Chamber of Commerce President Rebiya the Akdurak while the company's main aim to regulate expeditions train from Europe to Turkey Europe by train through Turkey to China. Following the completion of the project describing the containers by sea from China will arrive in Turkey from 30-35 days 10-15 days Akdurak, "This will lead to an increase in bilateral trade. This project will take some time. ”

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