Accident risk has not been calculated for tram projects in Izmir

The risk of accidents was not calculated in the tram projects of Izmır: Mustafa Kemal Turan, who undertook the lawyer of 335 people with the request of the cancellation of the tram projects, said that the Izmir tram wagons were designed 32 meters long and the design speed was on average 24 km / hour. Even if it is designed with the vehicle road, it reduces the speed of the braking distance to 15 km / h, which is the lowest level when passing through critical areas, the shortest braking distance varies according to the weather conditions (even if it has a magnetic braking system), it has a stopping distance of 3 to 6 meters. will reveal. It is understood that these risks are not analyzed in any way. This project is wrong in all respects, but the wrong part is that the risk of accidents is very high. "Before this illegal construction has become a big trouble, it is necessary to urgently filter the science and law."

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