Big response to clamps on mechanics

The great reaction of the handcuffs to the machinists: The handcuffs of the mechanic Burhan E. and Bekir Y., who were detained in the Van Lake Express, who hit the minibus trying to cross the uncontrolled level crossing in Elazig last week, gathered a reaction.
Following the completion of his statements at the Elazig Police Department, the machinists Burhan E. and Bekir Y. were taken to the courthouse following the medical report received at the hospital.
After the train accident, 5 of which were Syrian and 9 agricultural workers in Elazig province, 2 mechanics were detained and sent to the court with a request to be arrested. The two machinists who testified to the judge were released by the court with a judicial control decision.
Van Lake Express machines Burhan E. and Bekir Y. ' Handcuffing was compared with the reaction among the railway workers.
The handcuffs to the van attempting to pass in the uncontrolled level crossing and the handcuffs to the mechanics doing their duties were reacted by colleagues and TCDD staff. Many TCDD staff members on social media reacted to the practice, we became a mechanic, but we could not replace a man, but our fate has shared this form of fate.

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  1. Railway road vehicles from time to time collide. Safety measures in the gate can be out of order .. In the light of the noise-evoked, lower / overpass should take measures such as municipalities. It's not a matter of reason.Makinist% 100 is not guilty because it is not guilty. So why not cuff your hands?