KANCA celebrated its 50th anniversary with its employees

HOOK, 50. KANCA AS, the leading company in the Forging and Hand Tools sector, celebrated its 50 year with its employees and their families in a picnic and concert organization held in the village of Polonez in the Cumhuriyet village and celebrated with enthusiasm.

During the celebration of the 1500th anniversary of the KANCA, 50 people attended the General Manager, Mr. Alper KANCA; “My late father Abdullah KANCA started production life in a workshop with 50 people 5 years ago. He worked so hard to come to these days that I remember very little when I saw him in the evening in my childhood. We only saw our father on weekends when he did not go to work on Sunday. My father took off early in the morning, he arrived late in the evening, there was an incredible pace of work. My father is a person who has given his whole life to work. Looking back, if they and their colleagues had not worked so hard during the day, we could not live up to these conditions today. Today, our forged steel parts, which are vital in many cars in 5 countries in 135 continents, move the vehicles, while the main products of our company are exported to 5 countries on 50 different continents. This success and pride actually belongs to everyone who has worked in our company for 50 years. Download all of us. " expressed his feelings in the form.

After the 50th anniversary cake was cut, Kanca employees and their families had a lot of fun with the horon accompanied by the kemençe in the concert given by Cimilli İbo. Cimilli İbo made the audience happy not only with his folk songs, but also with his jokes and stories.

The folklore team set up by Kanca employees for the 50th anniversary celebrations of the 50th anniversary, added a distinctive beauty to this day by performing folk dances from different regions of our country. Each Folk Dance teams from different parts of the türkiyenintürkiye this ceremony is for 6 months after the overtime worked. Their performances were rewarded with applause by colleagues.

One of the most exciting things for HOOK employees who have been waiting for this event since the day was the lottery. 50 gift with a lottery raffle from the iron pots to the pots, from the oven to the fridge to the diversity of the pots. The 50 employee with the lottery lottery was the best activity of the day.
in the draw kazanThe joy of the newlyweds and those who wanted to change their belongings was worth seeing.

In order to remind Abdullah KANCA's origin in Sürmene, a special knife set was given to the spouses of all our employees in SürmeneyeSürmene, the hometown of Kanca family, and emphasized how important the spouses are for us in this success. The happiness of the employees' spouses was one of the most beautiful moments of the event.

25 45 50 25 25 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX Our other XNUMX employees were rewarded in another organization.

The program lasted from morning to evening and the children were not forgotten and games were organized for them at any moment.
türkiyenintürkiye First Hand tools, manufacturer manufacturer and leader in forging HOOK AS '50 year celebration picnic for the employees ended but the need will continue until the end of the year, cultural gereksel artistic another celebration activities.

Short history;

Hook, in 1966 began with the production of hand tools besides being the first manufacturer in Turkey, Turkey's first exporter of hand tools and also the first R & D center also bears the manufacturer's identity with hand tools.

1966 also started hand tools production in Trabzon, Surmene, then continued in a small workshop in Istanbul, Topkapı. After the 1970 m12,000 closed area in the 2 in the 2004 years, Kanc is transported to Güneşli facilities with its closed area and 55.000. moved to its new factory.
1980 year in parallel with the development of the automotive sector in Turkey is engaged in supplying the world's most prestigious means of forging a broad customer base that includes. Forged safety parts produced by Kanca connect drivers to life all over the world. Forged parts, vehicles; It is used in a wide range of areas such as engine, powertrain, ignition systems, axle and suspension systems, steering and driving sets. The strict quality standards of the automotive industry, high expectations and technical specifications of our customers put us one step ahead of our competitors in our industry.

In the 80 years, the main industrial companies such as Tofaş, Mercedes, Iveco, Ford and Renault were in the customer portfolio. Today, many world brands such as VW Group, BMW, Toyota, TRW, Delphi, Bosch, Scania rely on Hook quality in their safety parts.

In addition to automotive and hand tools, we have a wide certificate portfolio because we produce forged parts for railways, seaways, heavy construction equipment, defense industry ... etc. sectors.

We have ISO 9001 and TUV certificates as well as ISO 16949 automotive, ISO 14001 environment, HPQ railways and 7 certification for marine industry.

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