Metro and Tram Suit Trabzon

Metro and Tram Befits Trabzon: The Trabzon team examined Paris in every aspect from its streets to its transportation.
The Trabzon delegation, who participated in the Kadırga Festival organized jointly by the Paris Trabzonites Association and the Paris Ağasar Society, made observations in Paris Paris
In this team, Deputy Governor of Trabzon Şükrü Kara, Emek Construction Board Member of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security Ergin Aydın, Ministry of Labor and Social Security Financial and Administrative Affairs Department Head Mehmet Baş, TKDK Trabzon Provincial Coordinator Şansal Aydoğdu, Arsin Mayor Erdem Şen, Çarşıbaşı Mayor Coşkun Yılmaz, Ortahisar Municipality Council Member Sezgin Yılmaz, Metropolitan Investment Construction Department Head Nalan Aydın, İstanbul Trabzon Associations Federation President Mustafa Demir, businessman Serkan Keleş and journalists took part in ıb
After the festival, the Trabzon team explored everything from the streets of Paris to tourism, from different structures to municipalities. Here are the comments of the Presidents and Paris transportation ve.
For Trabzon, But Not Impossible!
Çarşıbaşı Mayor Coşkun Yılmaz, Arsin Mayor Erdem Şen and Emek Construction Board Member Ergin Aydın were the two names who examined tram and metro lines and municipalities most. The team doing the review on the tram, 'This is nice in Trabzon, though. If it is installed in a short section in the first place and then extended… It is a very nice place in Trabzon which is a historical city. Project is getting clearer in the coming months. It's hard but not impossible. Zor
Tram Going To Distant Points
Another transportation alternative in Paris is the tram. In recent days, new lines have been included. Trams are used intensively to go to the distant points of Paris. The price is the same as the metro.
214 Metro Network
The most attention was paid to the tram and subway in Trabzon. The Paris subway was built in the 1900s. Although it seems quite primitive, the Paris subway is the most popular public transportation vehicle for tourists on their Paris trip. In Paris there is a metro network of 214 kilometers.
Steady on 350 Steady on XNUMX
Since the Paris subway was built in 1900, it may be a bit old and primitive. But don't be fooled by the image, because the 350's top public transport is one of the most successful subways in Europe.
Has Exit from Every Point of the City
Metro is the building block of Paris. It's a very old subway line. You can check-out from all over the city. You may be forced to find your way in the first place. But with a metro map you can adapt quickly. You can see which line to go from which line you can see this metro map. You will find the metro stop as if you are solving the puzzle.
Best After London!
Paris has the best transport line after London. The Metro is very old and connects almost all Paris like a mole. The Paris subway station is so complex that even the Parisians do not know the lines they don't frequently use.
We Asked for Arsin Bridge Under Eiffel
Arsin Mayor Erdem Şen, “Baksan Eiffel iron. But Paris attracts millions of tourists. You made a bridge to the beach. They even said jurisdiction. What are you saying? Ne
President Sen smiled. Ti At that time, those who didn't understand anything started going and having breakfast in the aftermath. Içinde Do you know? “. He also said, iye Why did I make that bridge? Maybe I'm telling you guys who want to know. For those who are not intentional bat The sunset and sunrise are very clear on our Arsin beach. We wanted our visitors, guests and citizens to miss this moment on that beach. It's not just me. It is a project work. Every detail was made in mind. We also added a silhouette to our district. One point .. A recipe Bir Bir he said.
Trabzon Example of the Eiffel Road
The dirt road leading to the Eiffel Tower was also noted. If this flooded road was in Trabzon, then our citizens would immediately plant saplings, put ducks, fly and protest. But here we see that naturalness is prioritized. Millions of people pulled the concrete or asphalt poured here was commented.
Gasoline Tails
In France, there is a serious gas shortage around Paris due to the refinery strike, which continues with the new labor bill as part of protests. The unions did not give up their actions, although the French government announced that it would not withdraw the draft labor law. Fuel shortages arose in the country due to the work slowing and quitting actions of 8 oil refineries across the country. Many gas stations in and around Paris have been closed or they can sell in certain quantities. There are long queues in front of gas stations in France.
Syrian beggars at every crossroads
There are also a large number of Syrian beggars in Paris. The images in the same light as in Turkey, at intersections, begging in the subway station with banners in many Syrians begging hands.
Cumur'un Hayali Trabzon Museum
Bülent Cumur, the President of the Paris Trabzon Association, accompanied the Trabzon team on the tour. Cumur, who has been in Paris since the 80s, is a lover of Trabzon. He emphasizes this every time. He either wears his jersey or wears a burgundy blue shawl. When we talked to him, he said that his biggest dream in Paris was to establish Trabzon Museum. It is a museum with memories of Trabzonspor and Trabzon. Thus, he wants to satisfy the aspirations of the expatriates to a certain extent. All Trabzon people and politicians should support Cumur in this regard. Because it is very, very important to have a museum in the most important city of Europe.
No Stop Sign
Another issue that attracted the most attention in Paris, France was the plates. There are very good directional signs placed all over the city. But we couldn't find a single STOP plate in that much of the sheet. The reason for this is that light was put in necessary places and people were interpreted as obeying the rules.



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