Tcdd Overpass Junction Project

Tcdd Overpass Bridge Interchange Project Discussed: Çankırı Municipality organized an information meeting about TCDD Overpass Bridge Interchange Project.
At the meeting held in Çankırı Municipality Women's Education and Culture Center, the application project was presented and the advantages and disadvantages of the project to the city were discussed. The presentation of the project, which became a necessity in transportation after TCDD's decision to close the level crossings in 2017, was made by the Deputy Mayor of Selahattin Aykurt. In the presentation, information was given by presenting the visuals of the project, which is planned to ease the traffic by passing by Çankırı High School. Çankırı City Council, non-governmental organizations, representatives of political parties, and technical staff of the Municipality, also participated in the information meeting led by Mayor İrfan Dinç.
At the meeting held open to local and national press representatives, requests and suggestions to ease the traffic of the city in the current and future periods were discussed. At the meeting, where technical aspects of the project were also discussed, Mayor Dinç said that TCDD will realize such a project in detail for the first time in Çankırı. Dinç stated that the project, which is planned to be implemented in Çankırı, is planned to be a project that can be used by pedestrians as well as being vehicle-oriented. “Technical issues may not be everyone's business, but it is our duty to take responsibility for the city and to take responsibility for the future of the city. We should be able to come up with permanent solutions for the traffic problem of the city where we will reverse migration by looking ahead and arranging the city in a way to meet the needs. " said.

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