Claim Tudems from Sivas!

Claim Tudems from Sivas! : The President of Transport and Railway Employees Rights Union, Abdullah Peker, said “Claim Sivasli TÜDEMSAŞ” in a press release regarding the moving of TÜDEMSAŞ, which is also on the agenda of the politicians and the Mayor of Sivas, Sami Aydın.
In the press release, Peker demanded that Sivas politicians, NGOs and Sivas should be protected by TÜDEMSAŞ. He also stated that Sivas needs TÜDEMSAŞ and that TÜDEMSAŞ is the biggest public investment for Sivas to become Metropolitan and it should be developed in the same place.
In the Peker statement, “We see that our institutions in Sivas are preparing the ground for migration of plaster either by moving to other provinces or by closing them. When someone comes out and makes statements about Plaster to be Metropolitan, we see that the opposite is done when it comes to execution. I did not understand what a strange contradiction. Please do not force the patience of Sivas people, please do not make fun of Sivas people.
Because, considering the housing needs and structural conditions of Sivas, TÜDAMSAŞ does not constitute an obstacle in the development of the city in any way. Moreover, it is located at a point where perhaps thousands of people who do not have transportation problems and will work in succession will come to their jobs without any transportation difficulties.
Those who try to change the high-speed train route for their own personal interests should draw their eyes on this land. If the people of Sivas tolerate moving TÜDEMSAŞ to another location, this factory will be completely destroyed.
Transportation of TÜDEMSAŞ means destruction. We think that the main purpose is not to move the establishment, but to turn TÜDEMSAŞ's four hundred thousand square meter area and its lodgings into rent. In our opinion, something needs to change urgently in Sivas, one of which is the change of the heads of NGO managers. Well, why do these people insist on moving TÜDEMSAŞ to another place? We know this very well by the people of Sivas and TÜDEMSAŞ.
The importance of unemployment and poverty in Sivas we say we thought it was TÜDEMSAŞ on the average of Turkey should once again be considered.
Even the children know that the main purpose is not to move TÜDEMSAŞ into a more efficient and technological facility, it is a fact that the purpose is the housing of 410 thousand square meters and enclosed areas. This idea is a dangerous idea, an idea that will make Sivas a village.
HANDS Reaching TÜDEMSAŞ are broken ...
We think that protecting TÜDEMSAŞ should be the duty of all Sivas people. tüdemsaş'l the same position in which our organization has more than two in Eskisehir (TULOMSAS) Turkey Locomotive Industrial Corporation) that in Adapazari (TÜVASAŞ) Turkey Wagon Industries Inc.) take these two organizations are in the midst of their provinces. TÜVASAŞ and TÜLOMSAŞ have been enlarged over time and made more contributions to the country's economy. Mayors, Governors NGOs and Chambers of Commerce and Industry Organizations in those provinces have made significant efforts to grow. We expect the Sivas Bureaucracy to do the same.
Besides, they brought TÜVAŞAŞ in Adapazarı, which was destroyed in the earthquake in 1999, to the same place with the superior efforts of MPs, Mayor and NGOs of that province. While there is no such big earthquake in Sivas, do not destroy TÜDEMSAŞ.
Pulling your dirty hands from TÜDEMSAŞ, which has made a great contribution to the country's economy, which currently pours about 10 million TL of hot money into the Sivas market, and never create such a perception. Our establishment, which has become a modernized institution by renewing its CNC benches and spending millions of money, is an institution that has become the Wagon Production and Repair Center in the top of Europe, the largest in the Middle East.
Now you'll have if you move this institution Do you favor Sivas, Sivas and Turkey of course not to do this will be the greatest betrayal. Sivas people do not forget about this unfounded transport and do what is necessary when and where necessary.
At TÜDEMSAŞ, 2 thousand people are working together with private company employees, and with the contribution to the sub-industry, we see that there is a bread gate for 50 thousand people as a cumulative.
I invite especially Sivas Deputies, Sivas Deputies elected from other provinces, NGOs, Sivas Mayor Sami Aydın, whose profession is the architect, Osman Yıldırım, a businessman and a contractor, and the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Sivas Bureaucrats. he cannot handle an iron and steel incident. ”




    1. The innovations, changes and technical facilities in Tüdemsaş are pleasing, albeit a little compared to the past. However, these developments are extremely insufficient throughout the country. Tüdemsaş is a so-called company but its customer is only one. The desired quality of the freight vehicles manufactured here has not yet been reached. The cost of production is much higher than the market. The productivity of the workers in the factories is low. The hours worked are low, the quality is insufficient, so the cost is high. This place should work like a private sector, not like a public institution. . This place should be fully privatized or connected to the ministry of industry. Politics should not enter here. Bringing those who do not know the business here does not bring any benefit to the administration. This place should also be able to do counter, casing, iron / casting works in the domestic market. Of course, it should adjust the costs and quality well.