34 Istanbul

Istanbullular will read books at metro stops

Istanbul residents will read books at metro stops: Reading groups will be created for the people of Istanbul to read books at Marmaray and metro stops. Hil 7 Beautiful Reading ”will be held by the Seven Crescent Associations and“ 7 Beautiful Man ”book readings will be held. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Level crossing is closed in Malatya

A level crossing is being closed in Malatya: It was decided to close the level crossing in Malatya, where the minibus with 30 students and the freight train collided. A student died in the train accident that occurred 3 days ago in Malatya. [more…]

49 Germany

Losses of German Railways

German Railways to Take Off Workers: German Railways (DB) has announced that 10 has suffered one billion 2015 million euros in 300 after the year break. Germany Railways (DB), 10 year after the break [more…]

DB Train Deutsche Bahn
49 Germany

Deutsche Bahn - 1,3 Billion Euro Loss

1,3 billion euro loss from Deutsche Bahn: German railway company Deutsche Bahn (DB) announced a net loss of 1,3 billion euros last year.According to the statement made by Deutsche Bahn, the company lost 2015 billion euros in fiscal 1,3. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Two new ropeway lines to the Golden Horn

Two new ropeway lines arrive at Haliç: Two more ropeway lines are added to Eyüp-Piyerloti ropeway line. The first line will extend from Piyerloti to Miniatürk and will carry one thousand 500 passengers per hour. The other line is Miniatürk-Alibeyköy-Vialand [more…]

06 Ankara

Wagons empty empty sector ran to Ankara

When the wagons lay empty, the sector rushed to Ankara: The share of railways in freight transport remained at 2014 even below the level (5) of the years (4.6) when liberalization was on the agenda despite major investments. 2014 million netton at 25.1 [more…]


Women in Konya

Women's Tram in Konya: A separate campaign for women's tram was launched in Konya. Nearly one thousand 500 supporters in the signature campaign un Create separate wagons for women and men on trams platform launched on the platform of online signature campaign [more…]

06 Ankara

Ankara Metro business to Alarko

Ankara Metro work for Alarko: Alsim Alarko, a subsidiary of Alarko Holding, has undertaken the Ankara Metros Additional Electromechanical Works Construction Project. The following information was given in the statement made by the Company to the Public Disclosure Platform on the subject: “Associated [more…]