TSI Certificate to Improve Tudemsash

TSE Certificate to Enhance TÜDEMSAŞ: TCDD to Turkey in the course of manufacture of the Freight Wagon and repair center if time is TÜDEMSAŞ

Short name (TSI) (Mutual Operability Technical Conditions) is the document with the certificate of the document is taken. I think the importance of the industry will be better understood.

From here, I also call on workers and civil servants who are Tudemsas Employees. We all know what the SIDEMIR (Sivas Iron and Steel Factory) is in, they were getting high wages when they were employed by the State. Now, who are they putting together to work with minimum wage. If we look at Tüdemsaş with a malicious intention, we will either work in 4 / C or through a subcontractor company in the coming years. Therefore, I say that we should protect Tudemsas as all employees.

A team of people or institutions, Tudemsaşı bad situation to reduce or discredit the work. I think that the anti-propaganda conducted as both Tudemsash worker and Trade Union Unionist is wrong and unfounded. Our idea as a trade union (KIZMAKTANSA KIZMAKTANSA A BLUE FRESH TO HOUSE). As we emphasized in our previous press releases, Tudemsas Plaster is the only and most important area of ​​employment. each 4 has been a bread gate to one of the coils and continues to be.

The opposition of the Government as all Sivas people Stk. Our common goal should be to move this prestigious establishment to even better points. People or institutions whose purpose is not to eat grapes, but to beat the vineyard, should withdraw their hands from Tudemsas. otherwise Sivas people will break those malicious hands.

Abdullah PEKER
Union of Transport and Railroad Employees
deputy leader

Günceleme: 03/12/2018 16:46

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