38 Kayseri

Bacon, sausage and Erciyes

Pastirma, sausage and Erciyes: Kayseri, the shining city of Anatolia and the pearl Erciyes Mountain on its neck, are moving forward to become the center of attention of domestic and foreign tourists. [more…]

36 Kars

Sarıkamışlı National Snowboarder's Goal Olympics

The Goal of the National Snowboarder from Sarıkamış Olympics: The national athlete from Sarıkamış, Muhammed Cem Boydak, who earned Turkey the highest ever International Ski Federation (FIS) score in snowboarding, is the first to represent Turkey in the winter Olympics in this branch. [more…]

22 Edirne

Bus Train Waiting

Bus driver waiting for high speed train: Deputy Chairman of Turkish Bus Drivers Federation, Chairman of the Board of Altunhan Group of Companies, Mustafa Altunhan, said that the high speed train project should be implemented as soon as possible. [more…]

35 Izmir

Support from İnciraltı for İzkaray Project

Support for the Izkaray Project from Inciraltı: The Ministry of Transport's Izkaray Project was supported by the Inciraltı 2nd Generation Land Owners Platform. Speaking on behalf of the platform, Tayfun Karabulut said, “Nobody has ignored the support of İzmir, which reaches 70 percent, for this project. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Florya Train Station

Florya Train Station will be in place: Renewed within the scope of Marmaray, the story of the snake is returned to Gebze.Halkalı Aqua Florya was changed by moving the Florya Station on the commuter train line. [more…]

06 Ankara

Ankara YHT Railway to be Completed in July

Ankara YHT Station to be Completed in July: Ankara High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Station, which is being built in the south of Ankara Station and progressed by 86 percent, will be completed in July. According to information received, half a century [more…]


AKP's under tram control

AKP people under the supervision of the tram: AKP Izmit District President Ali Korkmaz supervised the ongoing construction of tramways with the party leaders and members of the parliament. Information from the authorities on the latest status of the work [more…]