2 in Batıkent Metro. Response from Ankara

Reaction from Ankara residents to the 2nd transfer in Batıkent Metro: Akköprü will be the last stop of Batıkent metro between April 13 and June 15 for the integration of Keçiören metro, which has been under construction for 15 years. A ring transfer will be made from Akköprü to Kızılay. Citizens using the metro in the direction of Törekent-OSB-Batıkent will have to make a second transfer.
Due to the integration of the Keçiören metro into the Batıkent metro, the Batıkent metro will operate only until Akköprü station between 15 April and 15 June. Citizens who want to go to Kızılay by taking the metro from stations such as Batıkent, Yenimahalle, İvedik and Demetevler will get off at the Akköprü station. Ring bus services will be made to Kızılay from Akköprü station, which will be the last stop for two months. Citizens coming to Batıkent from Törekent direction and transferring will use bus rings with the second transfer in Akköprü to reach Kızılay.
Municipality and Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Ministry of Transport and the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality refrain from providing information, claiming that 'the other' will provide information about the two-month study. However, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Melih Gökçek made a statement on his personal Twitter account that "Batıkent-Kızılay is closed between April 15 and June 15 due to the connection of Keçiören metro with Batıkent metro". Both institutions cited the other as 'authorized'. Ministry of Transport officials said, "It is the municipality that should provide information on this matter." made the statement.
This decision about the subway did not please the citizens. Citizens who reacted to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek criticized "if this study had been done at least when the schools were closed".
Reminding that the Keçiören metro has not been completed for years, Adem Demirci said, “What happened to signalization? It's been two years, an answer is now… Now this shouldn't take 2 years. Ankara is waiting for an answer. " said.
İrem Çınar said, “Mr. Gökçek, you connect all incoming subways to Batıkent. Shall we go over and over? " he reacted.
Şükran Delan, a citizen of many months will be victimized by stating that, dur This 2 bear from June to start we can not? It can be waited for a few months rather than causing a lot of people to be victimized. Birkaç
Gamze Öztop Yıldız who is preparing for KPSS exam said ından I wish we had been after KPSS exam, we were ruined. Normally, how many hours will 1 be going per hour now? UM he asked.

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