Queen Elizabeth II's Name Is Given to New Train Line in London

Queen Elizabeth II's Name Given to New Train Line in London: Queen Elizabeth II's name was given to the newly built train line in London, the capital.
Turkish-born London Mayor Boris Johnson announced that the newly built train line in megacity was named after Queen Elizabeth II, the longest ruler of the United Kingdom, completing the 63rd anniversary of the throne. Announcing that the “Elizabeth Line” will be written on the purple version of London's transportation logo, Johnson announced that the new train line is a new line connecting the cities of Essex, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, England. The new transportation line is planned to be completed in December 2. Boris Johnson stated that giving such an important name to the train line is a “perfect” choice and thus the respect to Queen Elizabeth will be permanent.
Many places such as train lines and bus stops in London are called kings or queens who have left their mark in the British monarchy. One of the lines in the London Underground is the name of Queen Victoria, who has been in the throne for 2 years and 63 months before the second Elizabeth, who has been the longest ruler.

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