marmaray station
34 Istanbul

Waste Water Leakage at Marmaray Station

Wastewater Leakage at Marmaray Station: Details from water leakage Details from Marmaray Wastewater leakage at Marmaray Station A leak occurred from the waste water pipe at Marmaray Sirkeci station. According to the information obtained, in the waste water pipe at Sirkeci stop, for yet unknown reasons [more…]

61 Australia

New Metro Line to Australia's Capital City Canberra

A New Subway Line Is Built To Canberra, The Capital Of Australia: A design-build agreement has been signed with a consortium of various companies for the first part of the light rail system in Canberra, the capital of Australia. Companies in the consortium for the Canberra light rail system John Holland, Mitsubishi [more…]

38 Kayseri

Visitor record was broken in Erciyes

The visitor record was broken in Erciyes: One of the most important winter sports centers in the world, Erciyes, the visitor record was broken on the weekend. Approximately 80 thousand people visited Erciyes at the weekend. Jump Freeze event held on Sunday was also in Erciyes. [more…]

42 Konya

Aladagda Skiing Event

Skiing Event in Aladağ: Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Tahir Akyürek attended the skiing activity held in Aladağ in Derbent district, which is preparing to become Konya's Winter Sports Center. Speaking at the skiing event organized by Derbent Municipality at 1970 altitude in Aladağ, Derbent Municipality [more…]

15 Burdur

Ski Resort with Lake View

Overlooking the lake ski resort on Turkey's cleanest lake in Yeşilova Ski Salt Lake view, awaits visitors. Burdur Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director Ahmet Sancar said that Yeşilova Ski Center has a magnificent place for daily sports activities. [more…]

38 Kayseri

Snow Pleasure at Erciyes Ski Center

Snow Pleasure at Erciyes Ski Center: Enjoying snow in Erciyes Erciyes Ski Center hosted the most entertaining winter event of the year. Erciyes Ski Center hosted the most entertaining winter event of the year. Competitors wearing their own unique costumes, [more…]

13 Bitlis

Ski lovers flocked to Nemrut

Ski lovers rushed to Nemrut: Nemrut Ski Center in Tatvan district of Bitlis was flooded by ski lovers. Nemrut Ski Center Director Faruk Sinoplu, weekend holiday due to the citizens flock to the ski resort, he said. Especially in the province of [more…]

14 Bolu

JAK fills the eye

JAKE eyes filling: Gendarmerie Search and Rescue (JAK), one of Turkey's most important tourism centers Kartalkaya and Gerede made the holiday more reliable in Arkut Mountain. Making a more reliable holiday for holidaymakers thanks to the measures they have taken and their successful activities [more…]

13 Bitlis

Intense Interest in Bitliste Ski Centers

Great Interest in Bitliste Ski Centers: With the snow thickness reaching the desired level in the Eastern Anatolia Region, interest in ski centers has increased. Citizens, who took advantage of the weekend and semester holidays in Bitlis, flocked to Kardelen Ski Center. Especially [more…]

09 Aydin

Level crossings in Aydın are transferred to the Metropolitan Municipality

Level crossings in Aydında are transferred to the Metropolitan Municipality: Level crossings belonging to TCDD in Aydın are transferred to the Metropolitan Municipality. The final stage has been reached regarding the transfer of controlled and uncontrolled level crossings. The level crossing operation, which was given to the subcontractor in 2003, will be transferred to the municipality in Aydın. [more…]

62 Tunceli

4,5 million lira ski track to Tunceli

4,5 million lira ski run in Tunceli: The ski center built with an investment of 4,5 million lira by the Ministry of Youth and Sports in the Ovacık district of Tunceli attracted great attention. Built by the Ministry of Youth and Sports in the Ovacık district of Tunceli with an investment of 4,5 million lira [more…]

34 Istanbul

İSPARK has moved the parking spaces to the smartphone

İSPARK has moved the parking spaces to the smartphone: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality İSPARK has moved the parking areas in the city with a capacity of one thousand points to the smartphone. With the smart mobile application prepared in cooperation with İSBAK, the drivers can easily access the car parks, while [more…]

35 Izmir

İZBAN flights will multiply Torbalı's appeal

IZBAN flights will multiply Torbalı's charm: Torbalı Mayor Adnan Yaşar Görmez said that he believes that a new era will open with İZBAN flights that will start on February 6 and that Torbalı will make a second leap. Torbalı Mayor Adnan Yaşar Görmez, Aliağa [more…]


10 best ski resort in Turkey

Conveniently located close Turkey's best-10 ski resort of Uludag Bursa and Istanbul due to both a very popular spot Bursa tops the list. Ski area in the center, located 36 kilometers south of the city [more…]

43 Austria

Skiing in the city of Mozart

Enjoy skiing in the city of Mozart: Salzburg is a fascinating city. If it snows, there is no taste of the landscape. You can also ski here. You can also go to the city of Flachau on the 70 km. [more…]

06 Ankara

Tourism is melting

Tourism is melting: Snow thickness of 30 centimeters in the city's winter tourism center Elmadağ'ın neglected reaction is attracted. To reach the ski center, the people of Ankara are passing the muddy roads, the stones on the course and the concrete trough the animals drink in the summer. [more…]

46 Sweden

Masked horror at the train station (Video)

Masked horror at the train station: Nearly 200 people in Stockholm terrorized the train station, who wore masks and threatened to 'punish' refugee children. Following allegations that a Swedish woman was killed by a 15-year-old Somali, some 200 [more…]