Women toured the Gulf Crossing Bridge

Women toured the Gulf Crossing Bridge: The AK Party Women's Branch management went to the Gulf Crossing Bridge last day to learn about both the works and the construction of the shopping mall.
AK Party Dilovası District President Osman Akbulut, AK Party Dilovası Women Branch President Gülay Artut and the management of the World's fourth largest bridge in the last day of Diliskelesi'nin and the Oxygen3 Shopping Center to learn about the study by visiting the shopping center.
Akbulut, Artut and management meeting hall were hosted by Özge Çimen, Marketing Manager of Highway Operation and Maintenance Inc. Çimen said that the bridge can be opened to service in May and that the shopping mall in this area will be open to service. M Oksijen3 Gebze-Dilovası Shooping 24 will be open to the public. Within the shopping center, there will be a museum that shows the stages of the bridge gradually. Dogus group will open a big restaurant here. It will be the store of Migros. We signed up with Petrol Ofisi as a gas station.
We care about ladies and children here. For this reason, we are building spaces for our children to play in and around our playgrounds. According to our findings, we will employ about 400 people in this facility. In this regard, Dilovası has been given priority and our studies are continuing. Our facility will also be a unique shopping center in the world in terms of landscape. Tesis While giving information about the studies in the grass individually, the managers answered questions.
In the meeting hall after the presentation made a statement AK Party Dilovası District President Osman Akbulut, Dünya Dilovamız this World project in all levels of labor in all of our organization has labor. This bridge and AVM is a work of our ladies walking around the door. We support our President and Prime Minister with the support of these beautiful projects are implemented. Hopefully after that we will work and we will serve our country that such big projects will be implemented. I hope that this year will be over and we will be very proud of our face. Al
After the presentation in the meeting room, the managers of the women's branches gathered together after lunch and together they studied the Oxygen3 Gebze-Dilovasi Shooping Shopping Center and then the boat to the nose of Hersek.
After the trip, AK Party Women Branch President Gulay Artut, Bridge and Shopping Center studies providing information about the Motorway Operation and Maintenance Inc. Marketing Responsible Özge Çimen'e said, after the trip they are proud of the implementation of such a large project by the AK Party said.


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