49 Germany

Munich Tram Network Grows

Munich Tram Network Grows: The foundation of the line, which will be built to expand the tram network in Munich, Germany, was laid on February 26. Mayor Dieter Reiter, MVG Chairman Herbert König and Süddeutsche Verlag publicly [more…]

43 Austria

A New Tram Line Opens in Linz, Austria

A New Tram Line Opened in Linz, Austria: The tram line built within the scope of the StadtRegio-Tram project in Linz, Austria was opened with a ceremony. The line, which opened on February 25, constitutes the first part of the project. With Doblerholz in the city [more…]

45 Manisa

Gospel of Manisa

Manisa to the cable car station: Manisaâ € ™ s construction of the ropeway project, which has been established for years, starts in the first week of April. Tekinalp Group of Companies signed the contract with the Austrian cable company Doppelmayr. Manisa Courthouse [more…]