Izmit Bars Street Tradesman Compresses Nevzat Dogan Badly

Nevzat Dogan, the shopkeeper of Izmit Bar Street, suffered badly: The shopkeepers who wanted to demolish their work places due to the tram project encountered Nevzat Dogan at the Metropolitan Council for months. Tradesmen, pushed Dogan into the corner and asked for the solution of the problems, but Dogan again remained irrelevant

Izmit Barlar Street tradesmen, who were in the course of the tramway project and wanted to be demolished, joined the Metropolitan Municipality Council meeting to find solutions to their problems and to explain the grievances they experienced. Kocaeli Entertainment Places Investors Association (KEYDER) President Yusuf Ziya Tom and tipsy entertainment owner shopkeepers followed the meeting.


Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu tried to prevent KEYDER President Yusuf Ziya Tom from asking the tradesmen to talk about the victimization. Karaosmanoğlu said, belirt Are you a councilor? Erek, he stated that he had no say and did not speak. However, Yusuf Ziya Tom, who stood up, stated that the shopkeepers' grievances were not resolved.


Short speech after the interruption of the meeting in the Mayor of Izmit Mayor Nevzat Dogan captured the entertainment center operators, problems Dogan wanted to tell. However, Dogan, stating that he did not have anything to do, wanted to cut the speech short. Dogan, craftsmen directed the municipal managers. Despite the persistent demands of the tradesmen, Nevzat Doğan did not give an appointment to the bar tradesmen. Dogan ignored the problem of tradesmen, wanted to find a suitable place. Nevzat Doğan, as the conversation continued, suddenly left the hall.

KEYDER Chairman Yusuf Ziya Tom, Metropolitan Municipality Council meeting to take the floor and talked about problems, but the President did not promise.


Space Yildirim Yildirim, da Nevzat Bey told us, 'If you want a collective place, there is no collective place, but if you can apply in this region to get a license, it is called the opinion of the technical team. However, we are already in favor of protecting our existing places. We are demanding place because of the cancellation of licenses and the destruction of workplaces. Or we want to continue in our workplaces, Yoksa he said.


Yıldırım said, yer We are experiencing a grievance within such a project, and what we want from the authorities is: show us space. Identify a point about licenses and help us. This is the only point that we have lost our existing rights. But what is said by Nevzat Bey, we do not think of a place, there is no such place. If I already apply as a citizen and ask for a license, the same happens. Our places will be demolished, played with bread and if our place is to be demolished we want the municipality to 'promise that we will not be the victim to give you places in the following areas' Bizim.

KEYDER board of drinkers forming the board of directors, came to the city council meeting, but again returned empty hands.


Serkan Güyük, one of the Bar Street tradesmen, said: gibi After we get the license, we have been granted licenses to restrict our 100 meter boundary, such as a lot of classroom permits, a mosque license. It's as if it was chosen. If we need to re-license our businesses, we can not get it just for this reason. We ask the municipal authorities, you have to give to the courses, the license to the masjid, your friend 50 meters, 30 meters near the bar, have a drink there? Why did you ask us? Ors he asked.


Guyuk, continued as follows: UM We work here with the 5 separate license already. They are all site-specific licenses. We're working with all this. You 6 a month ago we know about a topic we will break down here, you say brother, you do not show reason, you do not get ideas from us. Only as the municipality of the ruling party, this is our right, you are in the point of passing through. But we have a presence there. At least we should have a meeting and talk. Nevzat Doğan did not make a half-hour appointment. Nev

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