34 Istanbul

A First Thematic Bus Coming to IETT

A First Thematic Buses Are Coming at IETT: IETT organized the eighth International Transportation Technologies Symposium and Fair within the scope of Public Transportation Week events, under the leadership of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, on December 17-19, at the Istanbul Congress [more…]


TCDD Labor Purchase Announcement Published

TCDD Employee Recruitment Announcement Published: TCDD was added to the institutions that started to recruit personnel. TCDD will make temporary personnel recruitment in order to close the shortage of workers in its body through İŞKUR. 15 December ISKUR dated 2015 [more…]

34 Istanbul

Metrobus overpass in Sefaköy is forgotten

Has the metrobus overpass in Sefaköy been forgotten: CHP council members, who stated that the work on the overpass of the metrobus in Sefaköy was overhauled, gave a parliamentary question regarding this issue at the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council. CHP members can use the disabled people. [more…]

35 Izmir

İZBAN Cumaovası-Torbalı Line Electric Train Tried

Electric Train Tried on İZBAN Cumaovası-Torbalı Line: İZBAN, which provides rail public transportation services at metro standards on the 110-kilometer suburban line between Aliağa and Torbalı districts in İzmir, is electrified for the first time on the Cumaovası-Torbalı line. [more…]

25 Erzurum

Alpine Race K1 League Races

Alpine Skiing K1 League Races: Alpine Skiing K1 League Races organized in Erzurum by the Turkish Ski Federation have ended. In the races held in 5 categories at Palandoken Ski Center, 13 skiers from 90 regions ranked [more…]


Scientific production in TÜDEMSAŞ

Cumhuriyet University and TÜDEMSAŞ, collaborating with the slogan of Scientific Production: From Education to Production at TÜDEMSAŞ, will begin to take the steps of forward-looking projects. Cumhuriyet University and TÜDEMSAŞ, which cooperated with the slogan "From Education to Production" [more…]

34 Istanbul

Transist 2015 Fair Begins Tomorrow

Transist 2015 Fair Starts Tomorrow: IETT organizes the eighth International Transport Technology Symposium and Fair within the scope of Public Transportation Week activities at the Istanbul Congress Center on December 17-19, under the leadership of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. past [more…]

34 Istanbul

Bahçeşehire subway lottery

Bahçeşehire metro lottery: The metro plan connecting Bahçeşehir - Ispartakule region to Mecidiyeköy has been approved. This move will save those living in the area from heavy traffic. The metro line will be reflected in the projects as a premium. As the new settlement of the city [more…]

34 Spain

Cable Theft In Barcelona Affects Train Journey

Cable Theft Affected Train Journey in Barcelona: Theft of train cables in Barcelona, ​​Spain today, negatively affected passengers. In the 60 installations of the Spanish Railways Infrastructure Enterprise ADIF, due to the theft of 3-meter high-voltage cables [more…]

34 Istanbul

Channel Istanbul setting for BOT model

Channel Istanbul adjustment to the BOT model: The obstacles to the realization of Kanal Istanbul with the Build-Operate-Transfer model will be overcome with legal regulations. Channel Istanbul, known as the “crazy project”, is the 64th Government 2016 announced by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu. [more…]

34 Istanbul

High speed train good news from Davutoğlu to Europe

High-speed train good news from Davutoğlu to Europe: Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, at the press conference he held with Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, stated that they dreamed of realizing a high-speed train that would go from Istanbul to Sofia and from Sofia to Europe, [more…]


Big mistake in Kocaeli tram line project

Big mistake in Kocaeli tram line project: Kocaeli Metropolitan forgot where the transformer in the tram project will be placed. For the construction of the transformer, the expropriation decision was sent to the building where the Konak Hotel is located. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, [more…]

tajikistan afghanistan turkmenistan railway
94 Afghanistan

Tajikistan Afghanistan Turkmenistan Railway Financing Suspended

The Asian Development Bank has temporarily suspended the financing of the railway passing through Afghanistan for security reasons. It has been reported that the Asian Development Bank has temporarily stopped financing Tajikistan-Afghanistan-Turkmenistan railway construction on the grounds of security problems. The Bank's Representative in Tajikistan Si [more…]

34 Istanbul

3. View of the bridge began to appear

The view of the bridge has begun to emerge: The Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which will connect the two sides of the Bosphorus for the third time, is coming to an end. The landscape of the bridge began to emerge. the two sides of the Bosphorus, 3. [more…]

mahmutbey bahcesehir esenyurt metro line construction tender result special news
34 Istanbul

Mahmutbey Esenyurt Metro Line to be Completed in 4 Years

Details on the Mahmutbey Bahçeşehir Esenyurt metro line have been announced. The line, which will be connected with many metro lines, is aimed to be completed in 4 years. Details on the Mahmutbey-Bahçeşehir-Esenyurt metro line have been announced. Istanbul's Bagcilar, Kucukcekmece, Avcilar, Basaksehir and [more…]