14 Bolu

Bolu Kartalkayada Ski Season Opened

Bolu Kartalkayada Ski Season is Opened: Kartalkaya ski season is opened Bolu's ski center Kartalkaya snow season reaches 80 inches opened season. Ski season opens in Kartalkaya BOLU ski center Kartalkaya snow thickness [more…]


Facebookden subway service

Facebook service on the subway: Facebook will now provide news service to its users in the subway and similar areas where the internet is weak. The social networking site Facebook, which accounts for about a quarter of the world's population, is now available without internet [more…]

25 Erzurum

2.Winterfest Winter Festival Begins in Erzurum

2.Winterfest Winter Festival is Starting in Erzurum: 2, which will be organized by Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality in Palandöken Ski Center. Tanıtım WinterFest ”Winter Festival promotional meeting was held. Providing information about the festival, Mayor of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet [more…]


RayHaber 11.12.2015 Tender Bulletin

TCDD 4.Bölge Landscaping of Sivas Education Center Directorate building and surrounding area Scissors will be purchased Scissors will be purchased Wagon cleaning service will be taken Goncalı-Eğirdir Line Dinar Train Station Pedestrian [more…]

TCDD Communication Line

Restructuring for TCDD

Legal regulation for Channel Istanbul, restructuring for TCDD: Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, Ak Party's minimum wage in the election declaration, subcontractor staff, tradesmen to realize interest-free loan promises [more…]

48 Poland

Husband did not see the train (Video)

He didn't see the big train: In Poland, a careless rider attempted to cross while the level crossing was closed to traffic and hit the 145-speed train. The bike rider is a little bit of an accident where all the details are visible from different camera angles. [more…]