34 Istanbul

5. International Electronist Fair

5 is the Meeting Point of the Electronic Subsidiary Industry with its Renewed Rich Content. International Electronist Fair: Marmara Tanıtım Fuarcılık 6-9 Between October 2016, Istanbul Expo Center 11. 5 to edit in the hall. International Electronist Fair, [more…]

53 Rize

Rizenin Ropeway Project is coming to an end

Rize's Cable Car Project is coming to an end: Feasibility studies of the cable car project planned to be made from Rize beach to Dağbaşı location are carried out by cable car specialists who come to Rize. Rize is expected to contribute significantly to tourism and [more…]


Erdoğan examined the İzmit Bay Crossing Bridge

Erdogan examined the Izmit Gulf Crossing Bridge: President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, while going to Bursa by helicopter, viewed the Izmit Gulf Crossing Bridge from the air. When the project is completed, it is expected that the distance between Istanbul and Izmir will decrease to 3.5 hours. Going to Bursa by helicopter [more…]


Harun Karacan Meets with Press Members

Harun Karacan met with members of the press: AK Party deputy Harun Karacan, Eskisehir citizens about the investments made in Eskisehir, no issues will be kept, everything will be transparent, he said. In his meeting, curiosity about Eskişehir [more…]


Africa Rail 2016

Africa Rail 2016 : Africa Rail 2016 conference is a conference where developments in Africa's railway sector are discussed and reputable members are brought together. Speakers and participants from various places during the conference [more…]


Average age of TCDD workers exceeded 55

The average age of TCDD workers has exceeded 55: Demiryol-İş Union Kayseri Branch Chairman Yakup Aslan stated that no new workers have been recruited to TCDD workplaces for 30 years, and that the workload of existing workers has increased, and said, “The average age of the employees in our workplaces [more…]


Is the name of tram stops in Kony changed?

Has the name of the tram stops in Konya been changed: The shares of “The names of the tram stops in Konya have been changed” on social media confused. In the content of the news shared with the headline “The names of tram stops in Konya have been changed” on social media, “Türmak [more…]


Bay Bridge Bird View

Bay Bridge Bird's Eye View Viewed: New advances were made on the Istanbul-Izmir Highway the other day, while the bird's eye view of the Bay Bridge was displayed. New developments are being made on the Istanbul-Izmir Motorway, while the Gulf [more…]

The Osmangazi Bridge
34 Istanbul

The End 3 Decks to Join the 17rd Bridge

The last 17 decking to unite the bridge: The 17 decking was left to unite the two sides at the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which will connect the European and Anatolian sides for the third time. Becoming the world's largest suspension bridge [more…]