Alaeddin - Mevlana tram line was opened, traffic turned into arab hair

Alaeddin - Mevlana tram line opened, traffic turned to arabic hair: Intense traffic at Alaeddin - Mevlana junction became more unbearable with the opening of the tram line.


The Alaeddin-Mevlana tram line, which had recently started its voyages, brought the traffic intensive especially during the evening hours to a halt. The people of Konya were looking at the new tram line in the beginning because it facilitated access to the tomb of Mevlana, but the traffic citizen in the vicinity of Mevlana Street was infuriated when the tram times were added to the business exit traffic in the evening. As the tramway line narrowed the road, the vehicles were parked on the roadside and the traffic was adversely affected.

The bus driver EB doğru, who thought that it would be more convenient to pass the tram line under the ground, would have passed through the ground. Roadside vehicles were already bored. Tram is also added to the difficult situation, da he said.


Tramway's commencement of the number of passengers filled the number of passengers to complain about the situation because the dolmuşçular traffic intensity was added to the infraction. Dolmuşçular have to catch up with the last stop in a certain time interval where they are trying to compensate the time they lost by using the fast vehicle where the traffic is opened.

When this is the case, the drivers who are complaining about the passengers in the airport get a warning from the station when they go late. Even if the passengers do not complain, the drivers who are racing in time exceed the speed limit. Dolmuş drivers who can not work for a few months when their license is confiscated, within a short period of time the Metropolitan Municipality wants them to create a new route.

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