UTİKAD Attended Customs and Trade Council Meeting

UTİKAD participated in the Customs and Trade Council Meeting: The Customs and Trade Council convened in Istanbul under the presidency of the Minister of Customs and Trade, Fatih Metin, with the participation of relevant public institutions and non-governmental organizations.

UTİKAD, a member of the Customs and Trade Council, also called for the establishment of a logistics working group within the council to find out the root causes of the problems that create bottlenecks in the logistics operation processes at the customs.

The Customs and Trade Council, which was established by the Ministry of Customs and Trade as an advisory body in order to increase the communication between the trade world and the ministry, held its first meeting in Istanbul.

Kayıhan Özdemir Turan, Mehmet Özal and General Manager Cavit Uğur attended the meeting, representing UTİKAD.

In his opening speech, Deputy Minister of Customs and Trade Fatih Metin stated that this council, which was realized in front of the ministry, will carry out its activities with the contributions of all relevant stakeholders and that the non-governmental organizations will be represented at the highest level in the commissions to be formed for each subject.

Following the opening speech, the relevant non-governmental organizations shared their views on the council with the ministry officials. UTİKAD, a member of the Customs and Trade Council, expressed its demands at the meeting.

”To Create Logistics Working Group“

UTİKAD Board Member Kayıhan Özdemir Turan, in his speech, stated that the customs clearance process is a key point in the logistics operation processes and said:

Ey Finding and resolving the root causes of the processes that create bottlenecks in logistics operations processes should be considered as one of the Council's main agenda items. In this context, a b Logistics Working Group ve should be established within the Customs and Trade Council. As UTİKAD, we are ready to provide all kinds of support to the council and logistics working group. UT

Problems Faced by Customs in Logistics Sector

UTIKAD will continue to support any initiative that will contribute to the solution of the cost increasing problems experienced by the sector due to the legislation and practices.
In this context, it will continue to follow related issues in the field of temporary storage areas, warehouses and authorized customs consultancy arrangements, elongation in customs clearance process, time losses in customs gates and the problems encountered in logistics process and to keep the related issues in the agenda of the ministry and bring them to the agenda.

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