New Bus from Burulaş Bus Fleet to 10

10 New Buses to Burulaş Bus Fleet: 10 new buses have been added to the bus fleet of Burulaş Bursa Transportation Public Transport Management Tourism Industry and Trade Inc. (BURULAŞ), one of the affiliates of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. Bursa [more…]

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Üsküdar-Sancaktepe Metro has come to an end

Üsküdar-Sancaktepe Metro has come to an end: Kadir Topbaş announced that the Üsküdar-Sancaktepe metro line will continue from Sultanbeyli and reach Sabiha Gökçen. Kadir Topbaş, who made an examination on the Üsküdar-Sancaktepe Metro, which is under construction, said, “To Istanbul. kazanwe have gone [more…]

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When will YHT Ankara Station be completed?

When will YHT Ankara Station be completed? : The silhouette of YHT Ankara Station, the construction of which started in 2014, has become clear. Minister Bilgin announced the time when the station, which has achieved 23 percent progress, will be completed. transportation, [more…]

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How Nostalgic Tram Works

How Nostalgic Tram Works: Zero Exhaust The nostalgic tram, which serves on the Taksim-Tunnel line and is a living example of electric trams, is an environmentally friendly means of transportation powered by electric energy. For line processing [more…]

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After Outbound Train

After the Outgoing Train: Istanbul's 1955 in Sirkeci-Halkalı The commuter train journey, which began between the end of the 2013. The railway line, which was closed due to renovation works, was replaced by the modern Marmaray project. Behind [more…]

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Turkey's new mega projects

Mega-projects of the new Turkey: Mega-projects leading to Turkey's economic development come into play one by one. While mega projects with a total size of more than 100 billion dollars change the face of cities, they are also symbols of the New Turkey. [more…]


Mevlana Museum remains green

Mevlana Museum was starved of green: live tree in the massacre of Turkey's most arid and prone to desertification in Konya reached the heights of a few years to make us give up. Konya Metropolitan Municipality, 80-100 annual trees [more…]


Railway stress in logistics congress

Railway emphasis in logistics congress: Gümüşhane University, “4. National Logistics and Supply Chain Congress” was held. Gümüşhane University, in cooperation with the Logistics Association (LODER) and the Eastern Black Sea Development Agency, at the Gümüşhane University Conference Hall [more…]