Uzunköprü - Pityon railway will be activated

Uzunköprü - Pityon railway will be activated: Work has been initiated for vehicle transportation between Edirne's Uzunköprü district and Greece-Pityon, Uzunköprü Mayor Enis İşbilen stated that they are working to activate the railway between Uzunköprü and Greece-Pityon. Able to pee, [more…]

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Siemens 4. Career Festival Happened

Siemens 4th Career Festival Held: Siemens 'Promise Your Future!' On Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at Kartal Campus! Created with the motto. Bahçeşehir University, Boğaziçi University, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul University, Kocaeli University, Marmara [more…]


Very high-speed train sets start first

The first of the very high speed train sets started its journey: The first of the new turquoise colored very high speed train sets, which were supplied by TCDD from Siemens and whose test drives were completed, was put into service today on the Ankara-Konya YHT line. TCDD [more…]

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UIC -RAME Meeting Held in Jordan!

UIC -RAME Meeting Held in Jordan! : The 9th UIC Middle East Regional Board (RAME) Meeting, which brings together 15 railway organizations of 15 member countries of the International Railways Association UIC, was held in Jordan Dead Sea on 3 May 2015. [more…]

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TMMOB: Haydarpasa Station and its surroundings will be opened

TMMOB: Haydarpaşa Train Station and its surroundings will be opened to income: Eyüp Muhçu, President of the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB), made important statements about the Haydarpaşa project, which was brought to the agenda after the Haydarpaşa Station was turned into a hotel. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality [more…]


Tüvasaş Deputy General Manager Öztürk Description

Tüvasas Acting Director General Ozturk Description: Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation (TÜVASAŞ) Deputy General Manager Hikmet Ozturk, German VOITH firmasınca jointly gearbox maintenance workshops established to reduce dependence on foreign, domestic employment and the country in terms of technology [more…]