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5 new metro good news from Kadir Topbaş

5 new metro news from Kadir Topbaş: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor (IMM) Kadir Topbaş stated that they will make 5 new metro lines and said “33 km Halkalı-three airport, 32 kilometers to Kemerburgaz-Gayrettepe-the third airport, 33 kilometers Halkalı-Çatalca and 15 kilometers between Sultangazi and Arnavutköy [more…]

Hopa Batumi Railway
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Hopa Batumi Railway Connect

Hopa-Batumi railway're connected: the problem can not be transmitted by the Regional Prime Minister TIM President conveyed HOPE-BATUMI rail issue, Turkey Exporters Assembly President Mehmet Büyükekşi the request of the Turkish Exporters Prime Minister Ahmed was presented to Davutoglu. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu also attended by Turkey Exporters [more…]