FIATA President Stanley Lim: "The world is talking Turkey"

13-18 Stanley Lim, the Federation of International Association of Transport Workers' Associations-FIATA, who came to Istanbul to participate in the studies conducted under the auspices of UTİKAD for the second time in October, hosted by UTİKAD.

UTIKAD Chairman Turgut Erkeskin, Board Member Hagar Personalize and members of the press with Sandalci Rica, answering questions for the world of logistics agenda FIATA President Stanley Lim, "Turkey is attracting attention from all over the world with economic and logistical performance. The world is talking to you. Dünya

Each year the realization of the FIATA world congress held in Istanbul in a different continent 2014 noted that Turkey's performance is effective Stanley Lim, he said. Etti Istanbul is on the crossing point of Istanbul, Europe, Middle East, Caucasus and Africa and it has attracted FIATA for the second time in Istanbul. Turkey, close to be completed in the future new transport corridors and facilitating the customs clearance with a very serious and a country olacak.türki with ready logistics potential use today, the world of the Black Sea via Istanbul, from the Black Sea, the Caucasus and connecting Central Asia. Significant work is being done in the field of port facilities and multimodal transport systems. Again in multimodal transportation, we can see that the port and railway connections are very strong. Istanbul is a city that offers important logistics opportunities. This convention caught by Turkey's dynamism and growth opportunities in the field of logistics, will offer an important opportunity in terms of increasing investment to be transferred to the logistics world. As FIATA, I believe that we will have a very strong and very strong congress in Istanbul that will host over a thousand 200 participants. Istanbul has a very large hinterland. In the immediate vicinity, European Union Countries, Caucasus and Africa with a very wide geography opens. This is a great opportunity for Turkey and the Turkish transport and logistics sector. "


Turkey's innovation and have evolved to grow continuously in terms of technology and logistics sector, emphasizing that drew attention to the extremely importance infrastructure investment for stakeholders Stanley Lim, "Turkey is not only attracts attention with large investments made not the transport sector in the economy. There is a proactive, sociable government and a ministry. Infrastructure investments and new projects are being made. Logistics became one of the most important elements of the economy. As economies grow, the logistics sector is growing. With the economic growth, it is necessary to diversify the logistic infrastructure, to develop technical infrastructure by giving importance to innovation and to follow the dynamics of the world very well Ekonomik.

Lim also evaluated the reflections of the problems experienced in the global economy in the sector and said: N In 2013, we see a recovery and a little growth in the world. However, this situation is positive for today, but it is not enough for any of us. The signals that the global economy will grow will bring us to hope for the future. Şu


Turkey is also that play a key role in the logistics industry in terms of achieving the 2023 year target President FIAT underlines Stanley Lim, the words continued as follows: "The number of countries will show an improvement in such a world very little. The main issue in 2014 will be the growth dynamics in logistics. We will talk about the continuity of development in logistics. One of the most important factors behind all these dynamics and achieving this goal is your logistics performance. To achieve this goal, many industries need to do a lot. First of all, it should shift to more value-added industries such as labor-intensive industries, increase the value of trade and export goods, and all production elements in your country need to move into the development process. This is one of the most fundamental components that will make the move a success, and most importantly, logistics. Bu


Stanley Lim, followed by 2014 FIATA World Congress, which informs the work on the President Turgut Erkeskin UTIKAD, the 2007 1500 XNUMX participant record in Istanbul, said they aimed to break the record.

Erkeskin continued his words as follows: rey We organized this congress in 2002 and it was very successful. This is still considered to be the most successful organization in the FIATA platforms in terms of congress quality. The largest of these congresses was held in Dubai with 1500 exhibitors. As UTIKAD this time, our goal is to raise the bar a little higher and to realize a much better congress in terms of both quality and number of participants. There are now all kinds of possibilities for this. a country that is one of the greatest and largest investments in the field of logistics Turkey. Our road infrastructure has been renewed, it is being renewed. We are in a very serious dynamism. With liberalization, we expect a large amount of investment in the railway. We are building new airports, bridges and ports. These are not only us, but attracts the attention of the logistics companies operating all over the world. Rising interest against Turkey. a lucky country with a young population, Turkey. We have a good growth rate. The young population is an important indicator in terms of both production and consumption potential. There are Caucasus, Middle East and Africa when we look at our environment. These are the countries that promise growth and investment. These countries are very critical of Turkey's geostrategic terms and have a significance. We know that China has become the world's factory today. come from China to Europe, land or sea transport routes leading to the Africa passing through Turkey. When you put them all in a basket, the result is logistic activity and logistic growth. Bunlar


The world economic growth and logistics activities in Turkey due to the indifference of any country, Istanbul 2014 FIATA Congress be seen all these opportunities are in place, evaluation, collaborations voicing believes will create a very important platform for terms to be established Erkeskin, "The most important reality will succeed the Istanbul congress That's the size. Besides Turkey, the great civilization, a country that has hosted the culture. People want to see Istanbul as a world city. logistics sector, the world will gather here who want to see opportunities in Turkey. We are preparing a strong and effective congress program. The topics to be discussed and who will be the speakers are the most important topic of our agenda. We plan publicity and marketing activities. As far as possible, we will visit all country associations affiliated with FIATA federsayonuan and tell them about Istanbul Congress and we will provide information. Together with our 400 member, we will try to make the 2014 FIATA World Congress one of the most successful congresses in the history of FIATA, which will contribute to the development of our country and our sector. X

Source: UTİKAD

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