Road traffic regulation is changing

Road traffic regulations are changing: There have been radical changes in driving licenses available through the Road Traffic Regulations.
The changes were published in the Official Gazette and Yıldız Yildiz Driving School Director Selcuk Yildiz explained the changes.
1 January 2016 according to the regulations to be implemented according to the citizens of D1 and Class D driving license to get a qualification for the first class B would be obliged to get the Stars, published regulation of trainee driving for many years, the regulation will begin to be reported.
Yıldız said, “With the regulation, citizens who will get a driver's license as of January 1, 2016 will be counted as intern drivers. Trainee driving time will be 2 years, during this period, 3 times red light violation, driving with drugs, 3 times speed limit violation, 3 times wrong turning maneuvers at intersections, 3 times not wearing a seat belt and a 0,20 promilin In case of violation of traffic rules such as driving with alcohol, citizens' driver's license will be canceled. Trainee drivers whose driver's license has been canceled will have to apply for the driving course again and attend training and exams. ”
The driver of the driver's license, but these files have not turned into a driver's license to warn the citizens of the Star Driver School Founder Selcuk Stars, changes made in recent years, driver training began to be given more importance, he said.
Yıldız said, “If the citizens who were entitled to receive files from the driving course successfully in the previous years, did not convert their files into license by applying to the traffic registration offices until 29 May 2015, they will have to cancel the files and re-register in the driving course and take the exams. As of January 1, 2016, our citizens who have a driver's license will be obliged to apply to the traffic registration branches with a health report and receive their new driver's license to cover the new classes and classes corresponding to the old driving license classes for 15 liras. ” he spoke.



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