The Violence of Red Light Violators

The License of Those Who Violate Red Light Will Be Disposed: The Ministry of Interior will make significant changes in the "Highway Traffic Regulation". The license of those who violate the red light will be lost.
The bill, whose work has been brought to the final stage, also includes "intern driving", which has been voiced for years.
Those who get a driver's license for the first time will be an 'candidate driver' for 2 years from the date they receive their driver's license. In the candidate driving practice, which is planned to be implemented on January 1, 2015, the candidate's license will be canceled if the candidates violate the red light three times, drive under the influence of alcohol, violate the speed limits three times. Those whose driving licenses are canceled will be trained in the driving courses again and will have to pass the exams. In order for these people to apply for the course again, it will be mandatory to obtain a psycho-technical and psychiatrist report.
The Ministry of Interior is working on a draft that will make significant changes in the "Highway Traffic Regulation". The draft regulation, whose studies are in the final stage, includes regulations on 'candidate (intern) driving', which is expected to be put into practice for years. With the regulation that Cihan News Agency (Cihan) has reached and is expected to be published in the Official Gazette in the coming days, the candidate driver application will start on January 1, 2015. Those who obtain a driver's license for the first time from the date of entry into force of the regulation will be accepted as a candidate driver for 2 years from the date of receipt. There will also be an important detail in the arrangement. Candidate driver practice is for both new licensees and various reasons (drunk driving, exceeding 100 penalty points, changing health conditions to the extent that preventing being a driver and obtaining a type of conviction that prevents obtaining a driver's license, speed limit more than 1 percent in 30 year 5 times exceeded) the driver's license has been canceled and the candidates will now be the candidate driver. Candidate drivers will be fined for various behaviors such as drunk driving, not wearing seat belts, not giving way to pedestrians.
Three red light violations during the candidate driving period (2 years), temporary withdrawal of the driver's license due to driving alcohol, three violations of speed limits, right and left turns, pedestrian and school crossings and in accordance with the rules driver's license will be canceled by the traffic officers in case of using alcohol on the 75 promiline regardless of vehicle type. Candidates whose license has been canceled will have to get a driver's license again. They will need to continue driving courses and get a motor vehicle driver certificate again in the exams. In addition, those whose license has been canceled and who have to get a driving license again will be required to receive a psycho-technical and psychiatrist report in order to start training in driving courses.
The system is implemented in many European Union (EU) countries such as Germany, France, Italy and Denmark. In EU countries there are strict rules that trainee drivers must follow. For two years 5 times red light, 5 times exceeding the speed limit, alcohol and drugs, even though the vehicle driving, fatal and wounded accidents involved in the actual defect, filling in the 100 penalty points are canceled by taking back the documents. In order to receive the internship certificate, these people need to be re-trained in driving courses. Those who successfully complete their education must be successful again. They are also asked to receive a report after being examined by a psycho-technical assessment and psychiatrist.

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