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50 Housing project with metro value kazanacak : Along with the good news of metro stations given one after the other in Istanbul, it also affects the value and demand of housing and office projects. We have written for you the projects that are closely followed by the investor and close to the metro stations…

Explained by Prime Minister Davutoğlu, the Istanbul Tunnel with the 3 floor revealed the importance of metro investments for Istanbul.

Let's start with the route of the new tunnel, which will reduce the distance between Ümraniye and Hasdal to 14 minutes:

27 2015 3 3 with XNUMX in February XNUMX to connect Anatolia and Europe with the participation of Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and ministers. The details of the tube walkway project were an important sign of a new era in Istanbul. In order to overcome the transportation problem in mega city, it will be used more effectively from ground, sky and sea.

  • In addition to the IETT carrying 20 million people in the 4 million city every day, the government has taken action to facilitate the transition from Anatolia to Europe or from Europe to Anatolia.
  • The two continents are connected by a three-story tunnel that will be built for the first time in the world.
  • According to the projection of 2023 transportation models, the Bosporus Bridge and E-5 axis will be more public transport demand.
  • The subway tunnel, which extends to Söğütlüçeşme on the Anatolian side starting in Bakırköy İncirli, will reduce the vehicle density on the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge on the TEM motorway axis and the highway crossing tunnel meets under a single tunnel instead of separate tunnels.
  • The 9 main rail system connects to the same line, and the new 6.5 million people will benefit from the new line. The giant tunnel, which will be integrated with the metros, will save time and fuel.
  • The giant tunnel that connects the highway and rail system arms of the Bosphorus under the 110 meter in the same tube reduces the speed to 40 minutes with the fast metro between İncirli and Söğütlüçeşme.

Here are the neighborhoods of the Istanbul Tunnel:

- Incirli

- Zeytinburnu

- Cevizlibağ

- Topkapı

- Homeland

- Edirnekapı

- Sütlüce

- Perpa

- Waterfall

- Mecidiyeköy

- Gayrettepe

- Küçüksu

- Altunizade

- Unalan

- Sogutlucesme

  • The crossings of the Eurasia Tunnel and the third bridge will also be connected to the Istanbul Financial Center.

Therefore, Ataşehir will once again become a center of attraction for investors.

  • Connecting the financial center, which will host 70 thousand people when completed, to life through roads, in the mega projects announced in Istanbul in recent years, all roads lead to the Istanbul Finance Center. When the Istanbul Finance Center, which is rising in Ataşehir on the Anatolian side, which is a candidate to become the leading financial center of the world with an area of ​​1 million 700 thousand square meters, will be opened after 2 years, a significant part of the transportation axes will be opened. Thus, it was explained in the project regarding the transportation to the Istanbul Financial Center, which is located at the most important point of the Anatolian side.
  • There is no transportation after Mahmutbey Although many residential areas on the Anatolian side of Istanbul get their share from giant projects in terms of transportation alternatives, the areas on the European side are not at the same chance. The connections of the Marmara Highway, the most remote settlements of the Anatolian side, will also surround the Istanbul Finance Center from the east. With the implementation of the projects, a certain amount of relief will be provided in transportation from the highways.
  • In addition to transportation by vehicles, special projects are developed for the metro, which will carry thousands of employees to the region daily. Accordingly currently working Kadıköy- You can reach the Finance Center from the Yenisahra stop of the Kartal metro.

  • After Kartal, metro will reach Sancaktepe and Çekmeköy regions this year. Despite this, Bahçeşehir, Ispartakule, Esenyurt, Halkalı The region, which constitutes an important part of the housing stock of the European side, is still waiting for public transport.

  • On the Üsküdar - Çekmeköy subway, which is planned to be operational in 2015, a 9-kilometer direct connection line will be provided to the region from the Ümraniye stop. The Ümraniye-Ataşehir-Göztepe rail system line, which will provide transportation to the financial center, was designed to connect with the city center and many transportation systems on the Anatolian side. The line will also be integrated into Marmaray.

  • Residential projects near to ÇEKMEKÖY Station:

    Dekon Silva - Dekon Construction

    Tilia - Sur Yapı

    Mira - Beşyıldız - Ekşioğlu

    Glow 3 - MOM Building

    Cizmeci Konspet - Cizmeci Group

    İvory Taşdelen - Ofton Construction

    Housing projects near PENDİK Station:

    Cebeci Residerıce - Cebeci Group

    Finia Paşapark - Finia Construction

    Nature Mansions - Beza Construction

    Fatih Sultan Towers - Çuvaşoğlu

    Yayatoria - Seyidoğlu Group

    Pendik Royal - Ozka

    Sinerji Residence - Anadolum Construction

    Garden Planet - Şenkaya Construction

    Essen Park - Hak Construction

    Elite Side - Şua İnşaat

    Status Park - Evra- Housing- Monstar

    Duru Park - Hak Construction

    Golden Life - Göral Construction

    Housing projects near ATAŞEHİR Station:

    Sample Park - Rams Construction

    Kentplus Centrium - Emay İnşaat

    Asfor -Avva

    Atasehir Trendist - K Yapi - Solid

    Atasehir Metropol - GAP - Varyap

    Istanbul Sarphan Finance Park - Sarp Group

    Terra Atasehir - Kent Art Construction

    Canan Residence - Canan Yapi

    Housing projects near ÜMRANİYE Station:

    New Lodge - KYM Yapı

    Simart City - Si Yapı - Şua İnşaat

    Baraka Houses - Piramit Yapı

    Casa Tovvers - Cihangir - Coskun Construction

    Antasya Residence - Ant Yapı

    Saloon Residence - Gen Yapı

    Selective Prestige - Alper Construction

    Residential projects near SULTANBEYLI Station:

    LivaTurkuaz - Sinpas Construction

    ByConceptHome - By Group

    Selcuklu Houses Building - Investment - Azim

    Residential projects near SANCAKTEPE Station:

    Dumankaya Mozaik- Dumankaya Construction

    Gate of Anatolia- ACK Group

    Optimal Life- Living Center

    Aydos Country- Sinpaş GYO

    Picture of İstanbul- Ortadoğu Group

    Mahal Sancaktepe- Denge Yapı

    Sinpaş Köyceğiz- Sinpaş Building

    Kasr-ı İstanbul- Kınaş - Tunay

    Dore Life- AC Construction

    Evora Park- Technical Building

    Rings İstanbul - Selin Yapı

    Sarı Evler- İntaş

    Ev're Gedizler - Gedizler Yapı

    Aegean Length - Eviya Real Estate

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