In Germany, Train Engineers Union Re-Strikes


In Germany, Train Engineers Union is on strike again: In Germany, Train Engineers Union (GDL) has been on strike again since Wednesday. The 9th strike of machinists in Germany will start from 02:00 on Wednesday morning. It has been announced that the mechanics working in freight transportation will go on strike as of 15:00 on Tuesday. While no information was given about when the strike will continue, it was noted that the public will be informed 48 hours before the strike ends.

In Germany, the Train Engineers' Union (GDL) decided to go on strike again after the failed negotiations at the weekend.

The union declared that the responsibility for the negotiations to be fruitless lies with the German Railways (Deutsche Bahn). The union accuses the business of stalling themselves and awaiting the government's new collective bargaining law in the summer. The law reduces the powers of small unions like GDL and allows collective bargaining negotiations to be carried out from a single source.

One year has passed in the dispute between GDL and the German Railways Authority. The last 1 days of strike in Germany was on May 10, and this strike was recorded as the longest strike in the 6-year history of German Railways.


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