Gumemealti TOKİ Residential Rail System Gospel

Döşemealtı met with the inhabitants of TOKİ housing metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel, 2019 after the objectives of the rail system to extend TOKI housing, he said.

Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Menderes Turel, Dosemealti came together with citizens in TOKI housing in Çıplaklı. Türel, who explained his services and projects, listened to the problems of TOKİ residents. President Türel stated that he was not among the politicians who promised them the time of the elections and then forgotten his word. I promised you a balcony. Solving this problem was not legally easy. It took our years to get your permits. We completed the whole legal process and completed this tender. Bütün

8 will cost millions

The construction of the TOKI housing project will cost about $ 8 million pounds, indicating that Türel said, yaklaşık 8 million do not say. The cost of a one-story intersection. Let the helal be nice for you. Second, we are also solving the problem of the promotion line of the mosque. We make the tender tomorrow. It ends in September. We have brought natural gas as promised. Söz

They made water the most expensive

President Türel continued as follows: en Remember that in 2009 you have seen free electricity, you have seen free electricity in Antalya. We have left the water the cheapest and the most expensive water we have come. We came to the task again, we brought the cheapest. We gave up the free electricity and we got the bulgur. We did not say free electricity to everyone, but we said the farmer's irrigation water would be free of electricity and that's what we did. Our 7 bin 550 farmers use electricity free in irrigation water X.

We touched heaven

Your happiness is our happiness, 'said Türel, ”someone in Antalya is happy about your unhappiness. Konyaaltı You see the coastal project. They said they didn't make it, they made human chains, they made protests to touch my beach. We now say that we touched your coast was the corner of coastal heaven in he said.

Rail system will extend to TOKİ

President Menderes Türel is nominated in 2019 and re-elected. He said that they will implement the Stage Rail System Project and that the rail system will extend to TOKİ houses.



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