Bozuyuk Tso Pushes For The Village

Bozüyük Tso Logistics Pushes for the Village: The Bozüyük Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TSO) continues its efforts to complete the Bozüyük Logistics Village Project and complete it as soon as possible.

Bozüyük TSO Chairman Buğra Levent delivered a report to TCDD General Directorate Freight Department about the Bozüyük Logistics Village investment, which has now stopped due to expropriation problems. Buğra Levent explained the importance of the project, which is mentioned in the report sent to TCDD Freight Department, for the region, with details of the studies and initiatives made as a chamber. In his report, Mayor Buğra Levent said, “Bozüyük is an industrial city with a large production capacity. Currently, products such as air conditioners, water heaters, water heaters, high voltage cables, sponges, gypsum blocks, various machine parts, yarn, eggs, fish, especially ceramic raw materials and finished products, are delivered to domestic and foreign markets from our district.

As stated in the report we submitted to the Ministry of Customs and Trade in 2013, we still have an export potential of 450 million dollars with the products produced and exported in our companies operating in our city. The Bozüyük Logistics Village (center) project, which was designed by your General Directorate and started to be implemented in our district, unfortunately, had to be stopped as a result of the expropriation and objections of the place owners in the project facility area in mid-2014. Since that day, the issue has been expressed on various platforms and various attempts have been made by myself to produce solutions both in writing and verbally, especially in the ceramics industry, during the production of the aforementioned products, raw material shipments and also in the rapid and economical delivery of the finished products to foreign markets. transportation will provide great time, transportation and cost advantages to all of our manufacturing companies, especially large-scale companies operating in our region. Based on this, we are presented to your information in order to revive the economy of our region and to quickly finalize the expropriation works of the Bozüyük logistics village project, which will provide transportation, time and logistics cost advantage to our companies, ”he said.

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