first alanya akdag ski festival was held
07 Antalya

Construction Preparation in Alanya Akdag

Stating that they are doing their best to spread tourism in Alanya to 12 months, ALTSO President Şahin announced that the preparation of 1/1000 and 1/5000 implementation development plans for Akdağ Ski Center has begun. Implementation in ALANYA for many years [more…]

07 Antalya

BEYDOST members went to Saklıkent

BEYDOST members went to Saklıkent: Korkuteli Beydağları Nature Sports Community (BEYDOST) made a nature and culture walk to Saklıkent Ski Center. BEYDOST President Resul Arıtürk and families of all board members Saklıkent Kayak [more…]


Kayseri Logistics Master Plan Workshop held

Kayseri Logistics Master Plan Workshop was held: International Transporters Association (UND) President Çetin Nuhoğlu, "strong logistics, the formation of strong states, is the cornerstone of the emergence of strong economies," he said. Nuhoğlu, Independent Industrialist and [more…]

Asphalt News

Hot asphalt work was carried out

Hot asphalt work was done at Mamadı locality: Old asphalt and damaged roads were excavated and covered with hot asphalt at Mamadı locality in Bektaş and Büyükhasbahçe Neighborhood by Alanya Municipality. Alanya Municipality by Bektas and Buyukhasbahce [more…]


Fair Izmir's road problem does not stop

The road problem of Fair Izmir does not end: The connection roads that will provide transportation to Fair Izmir, built by the Metropolitan, give SOS. Officials of the Regional Directorate of Highways said that there was not enough time for the connection road project. [more…]


Citizens informed for Elbistan-Darica road

Citizens were informed about the Elbistan-Darıca road: A meeting was held to inform the public within the framework of the works carried out for the construction of the approximately 45 kilometer road extending to Darıca Neighborhood as a divided road. Elbistan and Malatya [more…]


Wild Animals Overpass

Overpass for Wild Animals: The project prepared by the Western Black Sea Forestry Research Institute aims to protect the wild animals by overpassing them and preventing traffic accidents. Chief Engineer İlhami Turan, [more…]


Bridge Discussion in Hasankeyf

Hasankeyf Bridge Debate: Restoration works of the Ministry of Culture and Highways on the 1300-year-old Artuklu bridge, which will be flooded by the dam in Hasankeyf, caused controversy. District Governor Temel Ayca to the underwater tourism of the bridge. kazanwhen he says he will rise, [more…]

33 France

9 million-euro bend at the motorway booth

9 million euro scam at the highway toll booth: 15 gunmen who robbed on the highway in France stole 9 million euros worth of jewellery. There was a robbery in France that did not look like Hollywood movies. Intercepting two vehicles on the highway [more…]

09 Aydin

Sude train with earphones

Sude, who had headphones in her ear, did not hear the train: It was stated that 15-year-old high school student Sude Kutlay, who allegedly committed suicide by jumping in front of the passenger train in Aydın's Efeler District, died as a result of an accident. The testimonies of eyewitnesses [more…]