34 Istanbul

Bomb Bombing

Bomb Report Confused Marmara: A bomb threat was made from Istanbul Marmaray Sirkeci Station. After the work of the bomb disposal teams, it was understood that the suspicious package was not a bomb. Bomb threat in Istanbul Marmaray [more…]


Landslide on Fatsa-Kumru Road

Landslide on the Fatsa-Kumru Road: A landslide occurred on the Fatsa-Kumru-Korgan road due to the snow and rain falling in the higher parts of Ordu. While the highway was closed due to landslides, the work done by the Highways teams [more…]

06 Ankara

Railway Safety Management

Railway Safety Management Event: An event was held within the Ankara Training Center within the scope of the Examination of European Union Railway Safety Management Systems Vocational Training Personnel Mobility Project. Education [more…]

71 Kirikkale

Spraying on Railways in Kırıkkale

Disinfestation will be carried out on the railways in Kırıkkale: Kırıkkale Governorship said that the State Railways will carry out disinfection work to prevent weeds growing spontaneously on the railway line. General Directorate of State Railways Enterprise [more…]

16 Bursa

Bursa Stamped in Urban Transportation Workshop

Bursa Made Its Mark on the Urban Transportation Workshop: Investments made by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in the "Transportation Workshop" held in Istanbul, with the participation of the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Feridun Bilgin. [more…]


ERMCO visits third bridge

ERMCO visited the third bridge: Stein Tosterud, President of the European Ready-Mixed Concrete Association: “Europe watches Turkey with admiration” The Board Meeting of the European Ready-Mixed Concrete Association (ERMCO) is in Istanbul [more…]