Temporary road at Bay Bridge towards end

Towards the end of the temporary bridge on the Bay Bridge: On the temporary walkway called son cat path İSTANBUL in the İzmit Bay Crossing Bridge of Gebze-Orhangazi- İzmir Highway Project, which will reduce the journey of İSTANBUL-İzmir highway to 3.5 hours the end is approached. Although no mobility is observed in the distance, the staff working at the 150 meter high, which can be seen very carefully or approached with the camera, tries to finish the completed temporary path.

Following the completion of the grid cable starting in January between the bridge of Dilabası in Dilovası in Dilovası and the Cape of Hersek in Yalova, in Altınova district, preparation for the preparation of the main cable was started in February. In this context, a temporary walkway study, which is also referred to as the 'cat path', was initiated.

Engineers and workers at the height of approximately 150 meters, not seen in the distance between the two collar at the end of this work has been the end. The staff working there can only be noticed when viewed very carefully or when approached by a camera.

It was learned that the temporary road will be completed by the end of the month. The bridge, which is planned to be completed and opened to vehicle traffic at the end of the year if there is no disruption in the program, will also be the world's 4 biggest suspension bridge. The tower with a height of 254 meters can already be seen at very distant points.

When the Bay Bridge is completed, 3 will go to the departure and 3 arrivals with the total 6 lane. Thanks to the bridge, when the highway project is completely finished, Istanbul-Izmir journey will go down to 3.5. Thanks to the Gebze-Orhangazi highway bridge, which is approximately 1,5 hours by road, 20 will be reduced to minutes.

In particular, during the holiday holidays, a big congestion in the summer months with the TEM Otoloyu and D-100 Highway between Istanbul-Izmit and the E-130 highway between Izmit-Yalova will end the congestion.



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