TKF found responsible for the death of Aslı Nemutlu

Original Nemutlu's found responsible TKF his death: Erzurum in the expert's report on the national skier Aslı Nemutlu's death hitting the wooden snow curtain on the edge of the runway while training belt of Turkey Ski Federation period (TKF) President Özer sober found defective in the first degree.

In 2012, Aslı Nemutlu (17), who made training belts in Konaklı Ski Center, died by hitting the wooden snow curtain on the edge of the track. Regarding the death of the national athletes, President of Turkey Ski Federation about 16 people Özer Sober also among them, 'negligent death give rise to' Erzurum imprisonment sentence for alleged lawsuit was filed in the Court of First Instance.

The expert, consisting of Halim Şener from Ankara University Faculty of Sport Sciences, Sports Law Expert İlhami Şahin and Middle East Technical University (METU) Sports Manager Şahin Oğuz, sent the report on the death of Aslı Nemutlu to the Erzurum Criminal Court. Turkey Ski Federation President sober in his report to the principal found defective were given in the following views:

“Taking initiative on measures should be expected from the Ski Federation because of the establishment of the tracks and the structures to be established in accordance with international standards and the technical details in races and trainings. Because of the Ski Federation, its officials are the highest decision making body in their sports branches. On the other hand, works such as health and first aid and transportation of skiers injured in competitions and similar sports activities should be performed by the organization that organizes the organization.

Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports, upon the request of the federation, made correspondence with the Health Directorate regarding the recruitment of medical teams for 13 separate races between 18-2012 January 2, but kazanIt is understood that the race took place the day before the races. The point to be taken into consideration here is that in the trainings, which are rehearsal for the competition, especially in skiing or other sports where speed is at the forefront, degrees very close to the race degrees are obtained and sometimes even performances above the race degrees can be demonstrated. Therefore, it is clear that the same protective measures that are taken in the races will be needed in the trainings carried out with the knowledge of the federation organizing the organization and under the supervision of the trainer.

In the facilities used by the Turkish Ski Federation; kazanThe reason why the event resulted in death is that the wooden snow curtains, which are positioned closer than they should be, were built with a purpose to prevent the athletes from falling from 13 meters of height, rather than their function. As it is understood from the technical report, the fact that at least the thick profile wooden poles of the mentioned structure are not covered with sponge or similar material, it is positioned in a way and distance that does not comply with international standards, and A and B type safety nets are not taken in front of the snow curtain, which is an element of the competition. It was concluded that the requirement to ensure the safety of skiers during the training was not fulfilled.

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