Sude train with earphones

Sude with headphones in his ear did not hear the train: It was stated that 15-year-old Sude Kutlay, a high school student who allegedly committed suicide by jumping in front of the passenger train in Aydın's Efeler District, died as a result of an accident.

According to eyewitnesses, Sude's death, which was alleged to have been in his ear at the time of the incident, was recorded as ın negligent and accidental death ula to the police records. Multi-program Anatolian high school 9. Sude Kutlay, a high school student, was killed on the railway crossing the school and died as a result of a collision with the train that had caused the Denizli-Izmir expedition. According to autopsy report, Kutlay died of brain haemorrhage. Eyewitnesses, however, said that the young girl listened to music with a headset while walking, so the train did not hear the siren and warned the citizens of the surrounding area.


Motorist SS about negligence and accidental death was caused by accusations. The classmates who did not take the shock of the event, Sude'nın adorned with the order he loved the white daisies. 5 guidance specialist sent to the school by the National Education Directorate tries to meet with all the students in the school, especially the young girl's classmates, and tries to remove them from the effect of the event. Sude, his father Mücahit Kutlay'in hometown of the hometown of Efeler Dalama was buried in tears.



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