Preparation for reconstruction in Akdağ

Preparation of zoning in Akdağ: ALTSO President Şahin stated that they are doing their best to spread the tourism to 12 in Alanya.

Another phase has been completed in the Akdağ Ski Center Project, which has been planned to be implemented in ALANYA for many years and is expected to spread tourism to 12 months. A meeting was held with the participation of Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ALTSO) President Mehmet Şahin, Forestry Management Manager Cihat Yıkıcı, Alanya Municipal Council Member, City Planner Erkan Demirci and ALTSO Council Member Bilal Sözen. Akdağ Ski Resort Project was evaluated in the meeting held in ALTSO. In a statement made after the meeting, ALTSO President Mehmet Şahin said that the preparation of 1/1000 and 1/5000 implementation plans for Akdağ Ski Center has started. Mayor Şahin said, “With the activation of the Akdağ Ski Center, Alanya will experience great economic and social activity in the winter months. "We will do our best for 12 months of tourism in Alanya."