Turkish Composite 2015 Composite Summit

Turkish Composite 2015: Dear Composite Composite Sector Member, Composite Industrialists Association; Turkey's first to realize that in 2013, the second event Composite 8-9-10 date will perform in Istanbul in October 2015.

"2nd. Turkish and Regional Composite Industry, Technology and Applications Summit and Forum ”or briefly" TURK KOMPOZIT 2015 COMPOSITE SUMMIT "will include activities that cover the entire composite industry, including production, processing and application methods specific to the composite industry. Especially raw materials (resins, fiber and reinforcement materials, technical textiles, thermosets, thermoplastics, additives), semi and intermediate products, final products, processing technologies, machinery and equipment, consumer goods and services, technical and commercial seminars for visitors, product exhibitions will be presented within the framework of live demos, product launches and awards.

Event participants will primarily provide Turkey's rising power and take place in a sector the opportunity to make our presentation of the most powerful combine industry. Participants will meet with local and regional users, have the opportunity to offer their products and services, and to develop healthy business relationships.

The event offers the opportunity to reach local and regional users, composite manufacturers, raw material suppliers, service providers and the latest technological applications. It creates job and career opportunities for the professionals of the sector. It gives students the opportunity to recognize the products and services offered by the composite industry.

We wish you all the best in our event.

Günceleme: 01/12/2018 17:35

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