International Light Alloys and Composite Symposium in KBU

  1. The International Light Alloys and Composite Materials Symposium was hosted by Karabük University. Hamit Çepni Conference Hall in the opening of the symposium Rector of Karabuk University. Dr. Refik Polat, Vice Rector Dr. Mustafa Yasar, Composer Industrialists Association Board Member Tolga Kutluğ, Faculty Deans, Faculty Members and students attended.

Rector of Karabuk University, who gave a salutation speech at the congress. Dr. Refik Polat thanked the participants and said he was happy to be together again at an international congress. Underlining that Karabük University has reached a certain level in organizing the international congresses, Rector Polat said: kon In the organization of this congress; Dr. I would like to thank everyone, including Bilge Demir. Eder At the end of his speech, Rector Polat said, Pol The subject of the congress is alloys and composites. This topic will be discussed here with all its scientific dimensions. The world is now moving towards more solid and light handling items. I hope that this congress will be a beautiful organization where these issues will be discussed. Kon

President of the Organizing Committee made the opening speech of the Congress. Dr. Bilge Demir, yol We have set out with the will to make a symposium in cooperation with the university industry and with strong academic orientation. Our symposium team turned into a big family as snowball. We tried to create a widespread and homogenous structure by forming the organization committee from different universities. " said.

xnumx.uluslarara Light Alloys and Composite Materials Symposium with papers about 1 17 from countries including scientists from outside 397 667 xnumx's of the country without buffering or indirect involvement of Turkey provided that the information that Professor Demir also said that the papers presented at the symposium will be published in international academic journals.

In his speech, he also gave information about the benefits of new works on light alloys and composites. Demir said: yeni With the new works and the developments made, light alloys and composite materials provide very important advantages in terms of the ratio of strength to specific weight and we open new doors and facilities for us. These materials, which we refer to as lightweight materials, allow us to push the boundaries to produce ecological and design marvelous works. Ağırlık

Tolga Kutluğ: Composite industry in Turkey, shows a growth on the European and world growth rates.

Association presenters Composites Industry in Congress Board Member Tolga Kutluğ Turkey composite sector of medium and large-scale 180 companies, partially engaged in the composite business 700-800 company and the added value of about 8 thousand 200 employees said that in an industry producing high products. Turkey composite materials market and 1,5 280 billion euros thousand tons, reaching a volume Kutluğ stated that, "The composite industry in our country is growing all over the world as well, taking share from substitute materials." He said.

Information about the growth rates of the composite sector, said Kutluğ said: "The composites industry in Turkey, shows a growth on the European and world growth rates. Turkey composite industry in the world global economic developments have shown a rapid and long-term development as well as in other sectors and countries in parallel with the effect of the dynamic. Depending on the economic situation of the period in the past year has seen a growth from the 8 12 percent in Turkey. The growth in 2017 was 6. Yüzde

Sharing the amount of composite consumption as a criterion of development in the world, Kutluğ said, Kut When we look at the composite consumption amounts per capita, we see that there are important opportunities and opportunities in front of our country. This amount following a distribution of 4-10 kg in the world is at the level of 3,5 kg in our country. In the world, the price of xNUMX € kg 6,9 € is in our country. X said.

“In terms of volume, composite products are mostly used in pipe-tank-infrastructure (% 36), transportation-automotive (% 24) and construction-construction (% 21) sectors, ğinde Kutluğ said. With the acceleration of the production of the products in our country, it is expected that more quantity and ratio of composite materials will be realized especially in the fields of wind energy, space and aerospace, and electric and electronic sectors. ürün

Tolga Kutluğ, Board Member of the Composite Industrialists' Association, concluded his speech by saying: katma Composite industry is a very important sector for our country because it produces high value added products and it is the material of tomorrow. It would be beneficial for the country's economy to search for alternatives for composite materials, which offer more modern solutions to the government, local administrations, investor organizations and industrialists, rather than traditional materials, rather than traditional materials. Today, the reduction of energy and fossil fuel use in both the aviation and distant industry and in the automotive sector is fully developed by penetration of composite materials into these sectors. Bugün

Inaugurated by Dr. Kindai University, Japan. Masaaki Nakai and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Ali Ramazani's presentation will continue until Saturday 24 March.

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