Kuşadası Ring Road Construction Completed

Kuşadası Ring Road Construction Completed: In Kuşadası, bridge junction and arrangement works on the ring road, one of the most important problems of the last year, have been completed. The completion of the works was completed and the construction of the 3 bridge junction was completed.
The road that starts at the 2013 in March on the road that provides the passage of the Söke-Selçuk highway in Kuşadası, started in March. brought with him. In order to solve the traffic congestion in Kuşadası, the 2013 bridge interchange was planned to be completed with the new regulation, while the interconnection of the ring road with the bridge was completed.
After the opening of the interchanges with the bridge works, the Governor of Kusadasi Muammer Aksoy, Kuşadası Police Chief Mustafa Topal with the bridge to the bridge over the crossroads and crossroads in the study of the regulation of the study. In the construction field of highways, the Chief Engineer of Highways Nejdet Yüksel, Chief of Aydın Highway Head Mustafa Karadağ, Chief Engineer of Traffic Safety A.Bülent Öncel, Chief of Highway Control Ercüment Doğan, Contractor Company Site Manager Müfit Caner, Contractor Company Site Manager Fatma Canakçı received information. Kaymakam Aksoy, who thanked those who contributed to the construction of the highway, stated that the ring road and the crossroads would be a solution to a major traffic problem, and hoped that it would be beneficial.

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