Ski training for 160 children in Hakkar

Ski training for 160 children in Hakkari: 160 children were given ski training in the provincial center and Yüksekova district by the Hakkari Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports. It was stated that a total of 26 children in the city center and Yüksekova district received ski training. Reşit Güldal, Provincial Director of Hakkari Youth Services and Sports, said that they traditionally open a camp every year during the semester break. Expressing that 6 athletes were trained in 2015 branches, alpine discipline in the city center and ski running in Yüksekova district, in the camp they opened this year, Güldal noted that most of the athletes this year met with skiing for the first time. Güldal said, “We had very difficult days in the past, our facility was small, and at the same time, we did not even have a ski house suitable for Hakkari conditions and a warm environment. After a gap of about a year, we opened our new ski house with much newer facilities to the service of our people, ski lovers and little athletes. This year, we invite our little ones who met skiing to sports. kazanand, on this occasion, to the community kazanI hope that we will achieve new successes by working together.”

The athletes who completed their training were given a certificate of participation to the young athletes by Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director, Reşit Güldal, Ski Federation Hakkari Provincial Representative Turgut Besi and coaches.


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