600 Annual Dilderesi Bridge Endangered

600 Annual Dilderesi Bridge Endangered: Located in Dilovası and 16. The 'Dilderesi Bridge', commissioned by Mimar Sinan upon the request of Suleiman the Magnificent, will be destroyed.
The historic Dilderesi Bridge, also known as the Mimar Sinan Bridge, has come to the present day with a few scratches without any restoration.
Last 30 with the arrival of the industry with the historic bridge between factories, is falling day by day. Mimar Sinan Bridge, injured by the damage caused to the eastern end of the logistic containers, is waiting for help as a legacy of civilization which has been destroyed by great indifference. Citizens, who stated that the issue has been repeatedly voiced and the hope that the non-governmental organizations want help with the help of press broadcasting ways, is worried that the stream rehabilitation will damage the bridge.
Stating that the bridge built in the 16th century is of great value and is the symbol of Dilovası, the citizens stated that the bridge is at risk of disappearing in the coming years. The historic bridge is not one meter closer to the factories, and the bridge continues to be damaged as a result of the factory warehouse area adjacent to the bridge.



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