TCDD denied allegations of irregularities related to Eskişehir Railroad Transition Project

TCDD denied the allegations of irregularity related to the Eskişehir Station Crossing Project: TCDD stated that the allegations of irregularity in the Eskişehir Station Crossing Project did not reflect the truth, "The application was made in accordance with our organization and the public interest, and there is no irregularity."
Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), the public interest of Eskisehir Station Crossing Project application was made and reported in accordance with the absence of any irregularity.
In the statement made by TCDD, it was stated that it was deemed necessary to make a statement regarding the news titled "The Railway Was Not Saturated", which appeared in a newspaper yesterday.
The statement, as claimed in the news of the project is not used in excess or unnecessary piles, the subject of the news, supportive elements used to support the bored piles were recorded.
In the statement that the name of the material used is not "Pile" but "Supporting Element", the following statements were made:
“Since both sides of the working route are close to the residential center and buildings, all necessary measures have been taken in terms of life and property safety, and as many supporting staff are required to complete the project. The number of supporting members was not increased in the project, but rather decreased. The use of supporting staff and unit price determination were made in accordance with the opinion and request of the Ministry of Science, which is the specialized unit.
There is no damage involved. City crossing with an approximate cost of 125 million was completed for 75 million lira. Eskişehir Station Crossing Project, held for the first time in Turkey, for example, underground space is a project of the railway line through the city. During the works, great difficulties were encountered due to the negativity of the geological structure of Eskişehir city center and the close and abundant groundwater to the surface.
'The allegations do not reflect the truth'
In the statement, it was noted that the implementation was carried out in accordance with the contract and its annexes, “During the implementation phase, the opinions of the Higher Science Board were taken, and the issue was examined by the TCDD Inspection Board and it was determined with a report that the transaction was in accordance with the contract and its annexes. The application has been carried out in accordance with our organization and public interest and there is no irregularity. These allegations against TCDD in no way reflect the truth ”.

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