TCDD delights passengers arriving from Germany to Zonguldak Airport

TCDD is pleased to welcome passengers arriving from Zonguldak Airport to Germany: The passenger landing platform started to be built at the entrance of Saltukova town of Çaycuma, Zonguldak.

The tenderer platform, which was launched as of today after the tender was published on TCDD's website, is currently underway. After arriving by plane, passengers from Zonguldak-Karabük and Karabük-Zonguldak will be able to take the train from the platform to the Saltukova stop.

Zonhav Inc. social media account statement; Iştır The construction of the airport entrance train platform has started. Transportation to the airport will be easier with the train connections between Zonguldak and Karabük. Z



  1. For years, my writer has finally made it out here. In Zonguldak Airport Karabük, the operation in the proper and convenient hours will enable Zonguldak airport to operate not only in domestic lines but also in domestic lines. Istanbul-Zonguldak-Trabzon expedition made by borajet was a correct decision, but the transportation from Zonguldak and Karabuk to the airport was uncomfortable. It should be reconsidered now. Sun express may also consider Zonguldak-Bursa-Izmir. Pegasus zonguldak Antalya-Adana-zonguldak can make the application.