Historic Haydarpasa Train Station was the location of graffiti

The historical Haydarpasa Train Station became the location of graffitiers: the historical wagons of the historical Haydarpaşa Station, which have been around for more than a decade due to the work on the High Speed ​​Train project, became the place of graffiti. Officials say that graffitiers sneaked in at night to work on paint and writing and escaped.
Haydarpasa Station, once the entrance gate of the city, left behind its glorious days. Due to the High-Speed ​​Train activities, the Anatolian train was forgotten at 2012 and after the suburban flights were closed at 2013. Although trains were kept between the trains parked in Garda, trains were filled with graffiti paintings. For the 2 years, the only residents of Haydarpaşa, where train sounds are not heard, are the security guards and those who want to take a souvenir photo.
Trains represent hopeful expectations, dreams, escape and reunion in movies. Although Haydarpaşa Train Station, which carries people from all corners of Anatolia to Istanbul, has hosted many gatherings, it has been abandoned. In 1908 the late Sultan 2. Abdülhamid'in built gar, now the train sounds are longing. The perons, which meet hundreds of people from different parts of the country every hour, have now become the parking lot of train wagons. The high-speed train project closed due to the work of Haydarpaşa Train Station abandoned wagons was the exhibition of graffiti. Security officers await the guard at the 24 hour garda; however, it cannot prevent painting of the wagons. Street artists enter the platforms at night and paint all wagons and train sets with spray paint. A security guard who did not want to give his name said, isi Young people are entering without permission. We're tracking them on cameras. They're done with the paint until they get to them. We put the young men in the court; But they're still coming. ama
The trains waiting in the back yard of the historical station are deplorable. Most of the wagons filled with graffiti paintings have broken windows. Bosphorus Express, South Express Anatolian Express, Ankara Express, Fatih express plates have been rotten. Wagons used in suburban flights will be sent to scrap warehouses for recycling in the coming months. How to use the historical station, whose roof was burnt in 2010 and still cannot be restored, remains unclear. Officials of the General Directorate of State Railways Management (TCDD) note that the historical station will be used as a station and cultural center for the High Speed ​​Train after its restoration. on the other hand Kadıköy The municipality has not licensed the station, whose restoration projects have been approved by the Conservation Board. It was not clear when the project, which was tendered for 12 million 473 thousand liras, would be realized.




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