TMMOB: Haydarpasa Station and its surroundings will be opened

TMMOB: Haydarpaşa Train Station and its surroundings will be opened to income: Eyüp Muhçu, President of the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB), made important statements about the Haydarpaşa project, which was brought to the agenda with the request of turning the Haydarpaşa Train Station into a hotel. Claiming that Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will open the station building and its surroundings to the Harem, Muhçu stated that the municipality did this with the cunning of taking steps in the parcels adjacent to the Haydarpaşa Station area.
TMMOB, against the project related to Haydarpaşa Railway Station and its surroundings Kadıköy He made a press release at Khalkedon Moda Cafe. Stating that Haydarpaşa Train Station, Coastal and Port Area, which are historical, cultural and natural values ​​of Istanbul, are wanted to be destroyed persistently since 2004, TMMOB President Eyüp Muhçu said, “Public space, TCDD under the command of the government, Privatization Administration and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality 'high profit' Numerous attempts have been made in order to obtain it, a Bag Law has been enacted, the Coastal Regulation has been changed, plans have been made, the facility area has been shown for the 2020 Olympics, and it has been offered to global capital groups. And finally, the 1st Group Registered Eser Haydarpaşa Train Station was burned on November 28, 2010, in order to first become dysfunctional and then transform it into a hotel. For this reason, the historical building has been severely damaged, roofless, neglected and no restoration has been made to date. " said.

Claiming that the protection committees were dismissed and new appointments were made through a political operation, Muhçu said that the "protection purpose" law that caused the destruction of Haydarpaşa Train Station and its surroundings was approved after this operation. Mahçu said, `` On November 25, 2011, in the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council, the 1/5000 scale 'Haydarpaşa Train Station and its Surroundings Master Zoning Plan' political it was accepted by a decision and by majority of votes. " found in the description.

Muhçu, who said that they wanted to move Numune Hospital on the grounds of commercial parking, road arrangement attempts and damage in order to open the Haydarpaşa region to income, said: A law, which includes a law, entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette on 15 April 2015. With the enacted law, one more step has been taken towards the desired project in the area including Haydarpaşa Station and its vicinity Haydarpaşa Port, MÜ Haydarpaşa Campus, Harem Station and Port. It is aimed to legitimize the 'rent projects' by declaring the region as a 'rift area' on the grounds of the unlawful decisions taken to carry out the recent pillage of Haydarpaşa and the disfunctionalization operations carried out with actual practices.


The train services that started on August 19, 1908 and Marmaray works were stopped on January 31, 2012 and suburban trains were stopped on January 19, 2013, Muhçu said that there is very little time left until June 18, 2015, which is anticipated for the trains to restart. -Aayrılıkçeşme, Kazlıçeşme-Halkalı he said, there has been no progress other than dismantling the roads. During these studies, Mahçer stated that 7 million people in mainline trains 29 million and suburban trains 36 million people in total were deprived of public transportation.

The President of the United Transport Union, Hasan Bektes, said that the Marmaray project was wasted to the rent areas rather than solving the transportation problem of Istanbul and said, “The 2007/5 part of the project, which was tendered in 1, has still been opened to transportation. Only 76 kilometers of the 13.6-kilometer project has been opened to transportation, but even in this part, tests are still carried out every night. Vehicles purchased for millions of dollars are 440 vehicles, most of them… only 70 of them are on the voyage so far. Most of the remaining part has been left to rot in the park in Haydarpaşa and other parks. " He spoke in the form.





    1. Haydarpaşa Gar building, opening to the ranta, unacceptable to the private sector or individuals, the transfer of the history and the nation is a building cost .. The railroad museum, .Temiryolu additional service building or railway association, the foundation of the union, the foundation, etc. whether the building. Must decide what to do with TCDD personnel