Erzurum High Speed ​​Train Project should be changed as High Speed ​​Train Project

Erzurum High Speed ​​Train Project should be changed to High Speed ​​Train Project: Deputy Chairman Mehmet Muş, who came to Erzurum to attend the Evaluation Meeting held with the Economic Affairs of 81 Provinces, by the Ak Party Headquarters Department of Economic Affairs, visited MUSIAD. he listened to the economic problems of the province and the region.
MUSIAD Erzurum Branch Chairman Taner Bair met with the AK Party Deputy Chairman Mehmet Mus Economic Affairs, New Economic Transformation Pack, as well as with future projections of economic expectations in the world and Turkey; said that they are working on issues such as regional issues.
President of MUSIAD Bayir, especially in Erzurum; to support the projects that will revitalize the region's economy and to support the region. stressed. Palandoken Logistics Village's 2. Bayır wanted to start the work on the stage of the tender and the Erzurum-Iran Railway line should be established as soon as possible. From Erzurum, Kars or Erzincan to Iran, a transport to Sivas and then to Malatya, Elazig, Muş and Van from the distance of approximately 1300-1400 after the distance to reach the Iranian President Taner Bayir, Erzurum, Horasan district to Iran With a railway line to be made, this distance will fall to 200 with 300. He argued that businessmen would be prevented both time and economic losses.
In addition, local governments to give land to invest in their hands, shortening the road Erzurum Hims, establishing as soon as the thought of the Joint Industrial Zone between Turkey and Iran, the lowering of tax rates, supported by developing trade with clearing the road and Turkey were asked to put into effect in a short period of Iranian Free Trade Agreement .
Noting that one of the most important problems in Erzurum is land and land prices, President Taner Bayır said: çeken As MÜSİAD, we want to attract investors to the city but there are many obstacles in front of us. At the beginning of these land prices are coming. Since investors cannot find enough land in the existing Organized Industrial Zone, they have given up their investments and have to take their investments to other provinces. 1. The land prices in the Organized Industrial Zone are overly expensive. Already there is difficulty in finding the plot. When you look at the Organized Industrial Zone, you can not find any land on each side but when you want to get a plot. Lands are just sold. Those who own the land also want an excessive price. Under the pretext of investment and land; the land is occupied by those who do not do any operation. With the idea that their land is valued, the areas open up unemployment in the city. Investors' hope is 2. Organized Industrial Zone. God willing, 2. This error is not made in the Organized Industrial Zone. No suitable land can be allocated in public investments such as investor businessmen in our city. Therefore, the production areas which are idle should be evaluated as soon as possible. Permanent legal arrangements are required to solve this problem. The elements that obstruct the investor should be eliminated. Yatırım
During the visit, deputy chairmen of the AK Party Economic Affairs, Erzurum Deputy Cengiz Yavilioğlu and Muğla MP Ali Boğa, as well as MÜSİAD Erzurum Branch board members were present.


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