Nostalgic buses show off

Nostalgic buses are on display: “Transist 143 2014th International Transportation Technologies Symposium and Fair, organized by IETT, which has a 7-year history in Istanbul, within the scope of Public Transportation Week events this year, begins tomorrow. Nostalgic buses will be showcased at the fair. After the fair, 1927 model RENAULT-SCEMIA, 1951 model BUSSİNG and 1968 model LEYLAND buses will start serving in Istanbul.
All institutions and authorities serving in the field of public transportation will take part in the organization, which will end on December 20, and will draw attention to public transportation. The program, which will also participate in the national and international metropolitan and provincial municipalities, universities, academicians, companies that provide products and services in the transportation of sea, land, rail and rail systems, and non-governmental organizations, will be held at the Istanbul Congress Center.
Transist 2014 7. This year's theme of the International Transportation Technologies Symposium and Fair will be) 4S: Smart in Public Transportation, Safety, Simplicity, Sustainability Uluslararası. In the first session, the symposium will be composed of four main sessions and a keynote session for Tekn Transportation Technology Trends for the Changing World oloj, which will not pollute the environment or minimize the pollution.
IETT, the trolleybus farklı Tosun ziyaretçiler that served in 1968 in the last year, has been re-producing and presenting it to the traffic of Istanbul. 29 years in Istanbul traffic BUSSING, 24 years LEYLAND and 15 years RENAULT-SCEMIA had served. Buses will first meet with İstanbullu at the fair. Following the exhibition, 1927 model RENAULT-SCEMIA, 1951 model BUSSING and 1968 model LEYLAND buses will start to serve in Istanbul.
The organization of the Transist Symposium and Fair will be the first of its kind to determine the best of public transportation. The adoption by organizations providing public transportation service culture of excellence and improvement of service quality contest will be held to reveal the criteria in Turkey's public transport. According to the criteria determined by the competition, it is aimed to ensure that the provinces that offer the best public transportation services are able to see their own deficiencies and develop themselves in this direction. In addition, with the periodic repetition of this award ceremony, it will be seen how and how far the provinces can take in public transportation services.
The main criteria in the competition were designed to evaluate the work of the provinces in public transport services. Differentiated sub-criteria were developed on the basis of highway, rail transportation and maritime transport modes. Thus, many criteria ranging from environmental policies to transportation technologies, employee training and service quality will play a decisive role in the awards.

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