Shooting for the Ozanlar Ski Center in Derbent

konyaderbent aladag
konyaderbent aladag

People's poets who participated in the traditional raw meatball night event held in Derbent district of Konya were shot for the Ski Center Project, which was initiated for the realization of Aladağ.

Folk dances participating in the traditional raw meatball night event organized in Derbent district of Konya were shot for the Ski Center Project, which started work to be realized in Aladağ. Ozanlar, saz and his words on this topic in the studies requested to be given more support.

In the night organized traditionally by the Municipality of Derbent, the guests were served with the deputy mayor Celal Can, and the de facto heads of the municipality were prepared with their own hands.

Speaking overnight, Mayor of Derbent Hamdi Acar said that such a night they organized would provide a better cohesion, convergence and solidarity. Acar stated that they wish to have this service in Derbent to bring more services to the region and said ın This is our biggest wish, because we now have a prime pride in our Konya. On the occasion of our prime minister, we will receive services beyond our expectations as Derbent, as we receive service from all over Konya. We are having a really lucky time. We have a very diligent district governor. And as a municipality, we have created a very good professional team at the point of producing services. We are working very hard with this team. Hopefully we will see the future of this in future eres.

Arif Oltulu, the district governor of Derbent, emphasized that such programs are the means of further development of unity and solidarity, and said, mak We wish to continue. A year passed in Derbent, we've been here for another two years, hopefully. Derbent shell is a very beautiful district unbroken, I hope we will reveal more of these beauties. There's a good team here. We will work with this team and try to finish those unfinished works in the next two years. We communicate with you through these environments and we know that our door is always open to you and you are coming and going. Hopefully, more beautiful things will be done in the future, İn he said.

Arif Inan Yildirim, who uses the pseudonym Ahmet Yildirim and his son Yıldırım Yagiz Ozan kullanan, who uses the nickname sahne Orphan Ozan Program, took the stage. Ozanlar, reeds and words to be made in the ski resort will be held in Aladag, a distance project in relation to the Mayor Hamdi Acar'a asked for more support on this issue. With the district protocol participating in the program to shoot the bards, the citizens gave their applause.

In some parts of the program, some citizens played with the spoons playing the game air and played colorful moments.

District protocol, apartment supervisors, AK Party district organization managers and citizens attended the night.